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A month later.

"Get out my face David damn." Nyiah tried to focus on doing her eyebrows in the mirror.

"You so fine, you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind Zikani, what what, Zikani." He danced behind her, and she laughed, making him smile.

"You so annoying get backkkk." She laughed, pushing him away from her and closing the top to her brow pencil.

"Hurry up pretty." He slapped her ass, as he yawned and she shook her head at him, rubbing her fingers through her silky black bundles.

She pulled a dress on over her panties, spraying her perfume. She slid her feet in a pair of sandals, yawning.

Nyiah was not prepared for how tired full time motherhood was. She didn't know she'd be woken out of her sleep 4 times every night to feed or change her baby.

They were currently about to go to Nonna Faye's house to drop off the kids, and she couldn't wait to come home and get a full night of sleep.

Her phone began buzzing with notifications, and she grabbed it, smiling at the picture Dave had posted.


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Nyiah laughed at his Nonna's comment, shaking her head at how she was on Instagram.

"Baby!" Dave called, and she smacked her lips, grabbing her purse and walking out of the room.

"Kairi clean that up." Nyiah heard Dave say as she walked past her room.

"I will when we come back." Kairi mumbled, and Nyiah took a step back, looking at the mess in Kairi's room.

"Kairi, he said clean it up." Nyiah tilted her head to the side, and she looked up, before sighing, beginning to clean up.

Dave chuckled, watching Nyiah help her clean the toys off her floor.

"Thank you mommy." Kairi mumbled, putting the last toy in her bin.

"You're welcome. You okay sweet face? Is something wrong?" Nyiah squatted to be at her level, and Dave watched from the door, holding Kobi's car seat.

"Daddy took my phone." She frowned, and Nyiah rose an eyebrow, turning to face him.

"Nah Nyny. I asked her to clean up yesterday and she didn't, so no phone til the weekend over." Dave shrugged, and Nyiah looked back at Kairi.

"Why didn't you clean up yesterday?" Nyiah asked, and Kairi looked up at her.

"Because we had went grocery shopping and to the mall, then the park and when we came home I had forgot and went to sleep. I didn't mean to, I promise." Kairi picked up a piece of trash, putting it in her trash bin, and Nyiah stood upright.

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