Why I Trust My Fans So Much

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Trust... it can be both wonderful and terrifying. By giving someone our trust... we're giving them the power to break us.

But trust is also important... because when we're in pain... we have to talk about it in order to let go and be able to move on. But to do that... we need to trust the people we talked to.

So... one of you asked this to me...

 Why do I trust my fans

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Why do I trust my fans. It's simple... because I want to connect better with you guys.

If I don't trust my pain and share them with you. I'll feel uncomfortable. I'm sure you'd feel that way to someone you don't trust. So... if I don't trust you... how will I connect with you?

The person that asked me about it wonders if I'd be worried that what I shared will be use against me. The question is... what? All I talked about is how my parents treated me and my brothers differently. A lot of people face that kind of problem. Depression? A lot of people have that too. Self-harm? A lot. So... which part of it can be use against me? Nothing.

I keep in mind that I have to talk about it to make myself feel better... and so you'd know what have been motivating me to continue (you guys) in my writing journey.

It's not like I shared negative things, do I? I didn't share a pic of my private parts or something like that. So none of what I shared here can be use against me.

I mean... sure, people can go around and mock me for having a bad family or parents. But I don't care. Like I said... it's a common problem. I just have to look into the bright side.

If you spread about it. "Oh, Natasha the author on Wattpad have a bad parents. Her parents never show support or considered her..." or something like that. You're only sharing people my pain. You'll show the others and make them see what I've been through... and I think instead of bashing me... they all would understand me better because of it, which means I'll be able to connect with a lot more people. So instead of feeling bad... I'd feel very thankful for that.

I know it's hard to talk about our problems. But I'm willing to do anything in order to connect better and I'll start by trusting all of you with my pain. But of course... with a limit. I'm not going to share things that are too personal. Like I said... family problems such as unsupportive parents are common.

Even a few of BTS members (Yoongi, Namjoon and Hoseok) shared to the world about how their parents didn't support them when they chose music. How'd we know about it if they didn't talk about it, right?

So... what part is personal in talking about how both of my parents are being unfair to me? The answer is nothing's personal about it... that's why I trust you with it. I'll share my happiness and pain with all of you... I'll trust you with it, so I'll connect better with you. Like I always said, my fans are everything to me.

I love you guys~

P. S. I hope this'll answer your doubt if you have it and I hope this will inspire all of you to do the same. As that's what I always want to do, be someone's or people's inspiration.

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