Happy B'day to Me

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I went to Pieno Cafe here in my hometown, for an early celebration since dad will be going overseas tomorrow morning, because my aunt will be having a surgery.

I'm officially 24 years old now

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I'm officially 24 years old now. I'm getting older... but I don't mind. One thing made me sad... as I'm still not able to fulfill my dream. Hopefully I will in the upcoming future.

I wish to become a better,  successful and famous author. I want to be able to travel around the world someday and hold a fanmeeting... because I wanna meet my Light. The people that have become my hope and the people that's always made me believe that I could be a better writer. I'm still not good enough... that's why I wish to be better.

Thank you so much for your support. I hope that you won't get bored with my constant rant... because this is my way to cope with the pain I've been through. So I hope you don't find it annoying... and thank you for the ones that's been DM'ing me and encouraged me that my life will be better and that I'm going to be alright. All of that means a lot... like A LOT. I have said this many times... but it won't ever be enough... so I'll always say it...

You guys are my light... you guys are my treasure... you guys are my everything... and I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH!!!

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