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A/N: only read this one AFTER you read the quiz. No cheating please!

Alright... here's the answer;

There's no right or wrong answer in this quiz. I just want to see how you'll respond to it. But there IS however, a hidden message.

Each of the mentioned categories have meaning. Each represent one thing, and here's what;
Runner : someone who have strong will and would fight for their passion
Walker : someone who tries half-heartedly
Stay in place : someone who does nothing

45x jumping ropes : anxiety
45x squad jumps : hesitation
10x push ups : haters
x : %

Time limits : life
Goals : dreams
Race : determination

So, 45% anxiety, 45% hesitation, 10% haters. These three are among to one of the most fatal blocks in human's life in going after their dreams.

But then... why anxiety and hesitation have higher percentages than haters? Because these two are IN YOUR MIND. You're fighting yourself on this. We all know how painful and difficult that is. As long as we have these... it'll be hard to go on with life. On other hand, haters are other people that is trying to bring you down... which can easily be ignored.

This is the hidden message I'm trying to give you. Be like a runner if you wanna achieve your dreams. The walker doing things half-heartedly especially in the battle to achieve their dreams, because they're not strong nor brave enough to fight with themselves... so they give in to their hesitation and anxiety. You CERTAINLY wouldn't want to be someone who just stay in place, because how would you achieve your dream when you don't even do anything? Impossible.

Not gonna lie... when I first decide to start writing my first book...

I was very hesitant

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I was very hesitant. I have lots of thought jumbling up inside my head.

But then... I decided to go for it anyway and get rid of whatever holding me back. If I didn't write that book... I wouldn't find my passion in writing, and I wouldn't have come this far. Which certainly means, I won't be the author you know today.

Keep fighting, keep trying, never give up. Do not stop at anything in achieving your goals (dream). With determination and hard work, you'd be able to reach your dreams. Time (life) is running. Live your life to the fullest!

When you reach your goals (dreams). Scream at top of your lungs or even sing!

We are the champions, my friends
And we'll keep on fighting till the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
'Cause we are the champions of the World

So the real question here;
Which one ARE you? Are you Runner? Walker? Stay in place kinda person? The choices are in your hands everyone... so choose wisely

P. S. I did this to one of you and she said I'm almost as wise as Dumbledore, haha. But no... I have to live another 100+ years to reach his level of wiseness. Anyway, remember my message, Light... remember...

I hope this motivates you

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