It Concerns Me

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So... for the past years that I've been writing here on Wattpad. I kept on coming across these type of comments that said the clothes I choose is ugly or something like that.

So today, I tried talking to them. I'm not a social person... I have social-anxiety. So this took all the bravery in me. But I just want to do this. No... I HAVE to do this.

I replied "before commenting... think of how the designer will feel if they're a reader as well and they come across those comments"... and her reply was not very pleasant. But that's just most people are.

I wiped out the name, because I don't wanna spread hate for this person

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I wiped out the name, because I don't wanna spread hate for this person. That's the last thing I want. What I want is to eliminate them. So... yeah.

Anyway, as you can see. She said she wouldn't care if someone said bad things about something she create. I mean I get it... she's strong hearted. But do keep in mind, not everyone are like that.

Some people are soft hearted... they will feel very upset if someone said bad things about them or their work. It could lead to numerous mental condition, like low self-esteem, anxiety, or even as bad as depression which might caused their life.

Spread this if you agree... and help me in eliminating people who don't care about other's feelings. And if you (this is for the one writing the comment. In case you happens to read this part)... go ahead... you can hate on me. I've had enough with people like you.

I just don't want people to go around spreading hate that could potentially harm someone in more ways than one. Keep in mind: your tongue or your written words are the most deadliest and lethal weapon to have (that's why I regretted what I did so much). If you say something bad, you're going to kill their soul and even them. Once that happens, you can regret all you want but you won't be able to go back. So... REMEMBER... think before saying or commenting anything.

For the others, if you agree on this. Please spread this in any platform you have. Help me stop this kind of action, so we can eliminate those people who doesn't care about what others felt.

I've been through depressions, anxiety and low self-esteem. All because of the people around me. So I KNOW what it's like to be treated that way. I don't want people to face that kind of situation. So help me guys! Thank you in advance.

Also... thanks for the 1k+ reads. It means so much to me to know that someone actually care about what's on my mind. This gives writing a whole lot more meaning in my life.

Love ya~ You're My Light and Hope

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