I Know You Exists

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Why do fans thinks their idols don't know that they exist. That's the biggest lie!

 That's the biggest lie!

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Like I said above. Idols... or anyone you look up to know you exists somewhere in this world. We just don't know you personally.

I know you exists. I'm even aware that majority of my fans are from India (but I still appreciate all of you. No matter where you came from). My favorite elementary school's teacher are from India by the way. She was SO nice and friendly, and kind... and more! I miss her... 😢😢😢

I mean what I said in that comment. If ANY of you, regardless where you came from, your race, your status, just ANYTHING.... come and introduce yourselves to me... I will welcome all of you with open arms and the widest smiles I could muster (I'm not a titan who can grin so wide... so bare with me).

So never think I don't know you exist. I know you exist! I just don't know you personally... and I'd love to! So if Covid-19 finally dies out... if I can travel again. If you see me... do not hesitate to come say hi. Love you all!! My Light!!!

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