15 Facts About Me

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Well... the title is pretty self-explanatory... so... here it goes;
1. My birth name is Natasha Andana Ratu
2. I'm born June 8, 1997 in Singapore
3. I'm the last child of 4 siblings and the only girl.
4. When I sneeze, I start waving my hand in front of my nose (I don't know why I did that... I just did).
5. My life is being controlled.
6. My hobbies consists of, dance, crafts, writing and reading.
7. I love animals; cats, dogs (though I'm forbidden to have one. They're still one cute animals), bunnies, hamsters, etc.
8. I love interacting with my fans in Wattpad. Talking to them makes my day and keeps my stresses away.
9. I have a high patient... rarely got angry. But once I do, my whole body would turn ice-cold and I'll most likely get sick (it happened all the time. Even the lil incident... I woke up the next day with a headache).
10. I gave up a lot of my dreams (being a dancer, start a small business) just to make my parents (mostly mom) happy and do things they wanted me to do (but they never did and start calling me lazy, poor-mannered, self-centered, stubborn and unmotivated).
11. I still try my best in writing, despite having to deal with my depression... because I don't wanna let my fans down.
12. I don't hold grudges, no matter how much they (fake friends, back-stabbers, exes, etc) hurts me. I still wish for them to have a happy life.
13. I hold my distaste of someone to myself... never judge them. Still help them if they need it. Without asking for anything in return. If they appreciate it... I'm happy. If they don't... well... I wish for the best. God always fair.
14. I have a deep trauma due to my childhood experience (abusive nanny). Which leads to me having social-anxiety, to the point people starts to think I'm mute in the first weeks of my college life.
15. I try my best to not get involved in any argument. But if it's regarding something or someone I cherish, all hell breaks loose.

My late grandmother bought me a charm bracelet. She's willing to stand for a long time to choose and arrange the charms despite her old age.

Then one of my classmate wants one of the charms, I said no and she still tried to take it. So I got into a fight with her. She tries to play victim but there's witness... angered, I threatened her. 1, she tries to take something from me. Therefore she's a thief. 2, she tried to make it as I'm the one bullying her, play victim. Therefore, she's accusing me. 3, she tried to force me to give it to her. Therefore, she's the real bully. I threatened her I'm going to call the police on her... and she got so scared, she didn't attend class the next day.

Life lesson; DO NOT mess with something I love and people I care (you guys). If you don't wanna see me furious, because trust me... I'll do anything to keep the ones I care for safe (I'm not going to kill... it just meant I'm willing to get in trouble to protect the lots of you).

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