Something Is Wrong With This Person

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I seriously don't get that person... like at all. First they made fun of my book. Then insult my fans... NOW they claimed they're getting death threats from my beloved fans!

 NOW they claimed they're getting death threats from my beloved fans!

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This is outrageous. "Controversy"? Seriously... they really play as if they're the victim? What in the world is wrong with that person? I have all the evident of that person behaving rudely towards a book I wrote for months.

It may be "bad". But still they have no right to insult me... saying "this book is written by an unintelligent middle schooler". When she could have said it nicely, like "this book could use some improvements" or something like that.

I mean... what do you expect from a self-taught writer? I have no teacher... I have no mentor... and I found Wattpad when I'm at my lowest and decided to give it a shot... and it worked wonders for me. So I keep going.

But there they come and insulted me for the book I've written back in my first 2 years of writing. When I only have raw knowledge in writing. Yet... they still think they can claim to be the victim?

If their fans came at me... I'll happily show them ALL the evident I've documented since day one... don't even think I don't notice that none of their followers are responding to them in their message board. Plus, didn't they say they HATE people who loves anime. Do I have to point out that most of their followers are anime lovers. Like... seriously? 🙄😒

You guys know me... I'm usually a calm person. But not when you start accusing me for something I did not do. I will fight you to the very end to prove my innocence.

If they think they're able to come and insult me... then plays it as if I'm the one insulting them... they're DEAD wrong! What proof do they have against me anyway... I acted nicely when they keep insulting me. I have tons of proof against them! Plus... I have my beloved fans on my side.

One more thing, what are they calling "private life" when they behave rudely towards someone on social media where millions of people all around the world could read and see their rude behavior? That doesn't sound like "private life" to me... am I right?

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