I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (slowly editing) by DarknessAndLight
I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vin... by Karianne Teen Fiction
Lexi Grayson is a normal teenager, as normal as she can be with her unobserving skills and her overthinking mind. But she might need the overthinking if she wants to unr...
Royal Academy: school of elemenalists by Lady__HaeSoo
Royal Academy: school of elemenali... by AyariAhamagi Fantasy
They are royalty and also a elementalist.............. Tubig, Kidlat, Apoy, hangin,at ang huli ay kung saan doun nakukuha nila ang elemento...... ang elemento ng mundo...
The Smirking Jerk (Blake's POV) by DarknessAndLight
The Smirking Jerk (Blake's POV) by Karianne Teen Fiction
"I'm in love with you." How many times would I have to think about this, how many times, before she could hear it, feel it, see it in my eyes? "I'm in lov...
Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Needed by Kelsey Teen Fiction
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
[ Truyện Tranh_Đam Mỹ ] Đam mỹ everywhere ;))) by -khanhdii-
[ Truyện Tranh_Đam Mỹ ] Đam mỹ eve... by Elien Christian(Bùn_Vãi_Luồng) Teen Fiction
Re-up: Dưa Mức_Dại Thành thật mà nói ta tung cái này chỉ để trá hình cho sự làm biếng của ta a~~~ =]]z Dạo này nhiều điều hay vì tui chính thức đăng H+ À...Ừm tui đã là...
If I Lose Myself (Trials and Tribulations' Sequel) by myshipperheartt
If I Lose Myself (Trials and Tribu... by Camren Fanfiction
Author: @margravine_l Sequel of Trials and Tribulations. You can also read this on
🕊|| Daddy by cumformami
🕊|| Daddy by d a d d y 🕊 Random
Me, myself, and I
sunshine island. by sailrsaturn
sunshine island. by 🍯 Poetry
moonrise kingdom is waiting for you. #70 in poetry.
〚 love yourself. // me 〛 by bubblyjin
〚 love yourself. // me 〛 by best of me. Random
❝ IF I EVER WANT TO DIE, HAVE HOSEOK HIT ME WITH A CAR. ❞ ー why am i like this
Together Forever. by iwontletyoufall
Together Forever. by Kacie Teen Fiction
"Together Forever," he breathed out slowly as he intertwined our fingers. "Don't make any promises you can't keep, babe." I reply. He grabs me by my...
Ooa  by PassionateFruit
Ooa by . Adventure
Let's get one thing straight 5 pics will be uploaded of myself if you dont like it dont say shit plus taking it down soon anyway
playboy ㅡ me  by notexochanyeol
playboy ㅡ me by c h a n y e o l Random
a bio book about me and a bunch of random shit bc who am i kidding, i don't have the talent to write an actual book lol
thicc : rants by -starkook
thicc : rants by dna <3 Humor
jungkooks thighs thicc🍌 me © me #550 in humor ( 9-22-17 )
melanin popping  by issajoon
melanin popping by m ! Paranormal
i honestly don't know what this is tbh, ©issajoon
🍷Pretty,Pretty Bish🍷 by FxckItsAngel
🍷Pretty,Pretty Bish🍷 by -Finesse Random
Oh,please make it stop ♎
ISHQBAAAZ by nakulmali420
ISHQBAAAZ by Nakul Mali Fanfiction
a story, that never ends...
The Millers by lovefromnini
The Millers by Nini Humor
Running, it was always a passion of Maddison's but now the only running she can do is from the past. Maddison Heart was the reason her mother was pushed away from her fa...
Invisible by LxT4ever
Invisible by 𝓵𝓮𝓪𝓱 🐘 Mystery / Thriller
Blair, 16 years old, feels lonely and invisible. She has friends, family, but she feels unhappy. And then there's Willow, who seems to follow her everywhere... But why?
SasuNaru ➳ The Cat And The Fox (CURRENTLY EDITING) by Goldenunderwear
SasuNaru ➳ The Cat And The Fox (CU... by #zerofucksgiven Fanfiction
Sasuke is the cat and Naruto is the fox. Sasuke loves Naruto. But Naruto just tries to get him away. But Sasuke is not giving up!
Four play girls meets Six play boys by mushroom_610
Four play girls meets Six play boys by Jeon Jungkook Teen Fiction
There was a Four play girls and a six playboys in one school... Ang tanong ay magkakasundo kaya silang lahat?? O may mga taong maghihiganti?? Kaylan nga ba matatapos ang...