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Male!Reader x Female!OneShot (18+) by DavidVGod
Male!Reader x Female!OneShot (18+)by DavidVGod
Basically lots of lemons with thicc bootylicious girls which you will destory and fuck. (All pictures do not belong to me or characters aswell as the anime) (Pictures wi...
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Instagram / Harry Styles by xcerise3
Instagram / Harry Stylesby HAPPY PRIDE 🏳️‍🌈
Harry Styles and Dua Lipa find love on Instagram. Or do they? • INSTAGRAM/SOCIAL MEDIA • - started 21st March 2020
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Random fem x fem reader!  by Misto-cat
Random fem x fem reader! by Jay
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Looking at You by Eloise2424
Looking at Youby Eloise Brooklyn
I am at this complicated age of 23. Spend days, in fixing the broken heart. But I am doing better a lot better. I know I left a part of me to him. It was not anyone...
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t h o u g h t s by bbsteers
t h o u g h t sby brianna
My escape from the world, in words.
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Metanoia | Chris Evans by StolenSoldier
Metanoia | Chris Evansby StolenSoldier
/ˌmɛtəˈnɔɪə/ noun The journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, or way of life Highest rating: #3 Chris Evans (17th March 2020)
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sequel to mwah!
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Bonds Built by WrittenbyJanae
Bonds Builtby Janae.
Jessica Brown is a twenty-five year old surgical technician, newly heartbroken and dragged out to get out of her feelings. In the mist she meets Major League Baseball pl...
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Love on Tour - Harry Styles by golden_harrystyles
Love on Tour - Harry Stylesby M🌻
it really is LOVE on tour
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Coronavirus Diary by ZombieMegan
Coronavirus Diaryby ZombieMegan
This is a diary type thing about my experiences of living through this coronavirus pandemic. I'll mostly be talking about what's going on where I live and how I'm feelin...
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Rumors | Sebastian Stan by StolenSoldier
Rumors | Sebastian Stanby StolenSoldier
We the topic of the town We might as well just own it now It ain't no rumor, no, it ain't no rumor Highest ratings: #6 Sebastian Stan (27th July 2019) #102 Avengers (11t...
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feelings or some shit by k1baby
feelings or some shitby allynn 🏁
i delete my parts sometimes
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Desire ☆ Timothée Chalamet  by dezbrooks
Desire ☆ Timothée Chalamet by t
Daisy Cohen, a 17 year old with a dream is finally getting recognition for her amazing leading role in an indie film. Her entire life is changing, and with it come the u...
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Standing In Front Of You by CourtneyPeterman0
Standing In Front Of Youby Courtney Peterman
[Complete] When things seem to be falling apart, it takes a true friend to pick you back up again. But sometimes there's more feelings, standing there, right in front o...
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Dear H  by readingwithunicorns
Dear H by readingwithunicorns
A book of poems and letters to someone who may or may not read them Copyrights to Readingwithunicorns *completed
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7 short horror stories by xfrankiesmithx
7 short horror storiesby Frankie Smith
All these stories have been checked and Proven to be based on true events... ---------------------------------------------------------------- Bringing you the scariest h...
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Pokeplusman's shitposting 2020 by Pokeplushman
Pokeplusman's shitposting 2020by Pokeplushman
What the title says
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revenge | nate jacobs/ euphoria  by freshlylit
revenge | nate jacobs/ euphoria by run me ma money
[in which two starstuck teens team up to take revenge on their shitty exes.] "lets go upstairs." "what?" "for the sake of revenge of course.&quo...
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Him by ScarlettBlackDaisy
Himby Daisy
The true story of a boy who wanted to be saved, a girl who wanted to save him, and a friend who knew it was impossible. "He was not my sunshine. He was the solar f...
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No Control | Holding Me Ransom (Book 2) by scooby-snacks
No Control | Holding Me Ransom ( scooby-snacks
Book 2 in the No Control series - COMPLETE This is the sequel to No Control..... Ever Since New York: Lies are told, secrets are uncovered and One Direction continues th...
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