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The Only Girl Of Section 5 by Itsme_Adiel
The Only Girl Of Section 5by L E O
Cyan Jade Luhence Zia Montefalco, A.K.A. CJ/Luhence, was transferred into a school named Stanforx Academy after she moved to Manila because of her Aunt. Because of her p...
PSYCHO | JJK | ✔️ by yourlilacc
PSYCHO | JJK | ✔️by 𝐩𝐨𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐞⁷
Y/n Kim, a high school girl who see many disturbing things and also things, that ordinary people can't. Ghost, satan, demons, monster, was like a normal life for her. B...
KUYA(On-going) by itsme_lene31
KUYA(On-going)by Krislene Adolacion
"Just do what you want...pero hindi ako titigil hanggat Hindi ka naniniwala na gusto Kita.....No...NA MAHAL KITA. ...
Face reveal by AubreyLong5
Face revealby ASH X MISTY
Face reveal since I didn't do a proper one
Rival to Lover (SkellyxWither) by ZivtheSalivah
Rival to Lover (SkellyxWither)by Skeletonisthebest!
A skeleton that likes a girl skeleton, but the girl skeleton is always with a wither skeleton. Read this story to find out what's more.
WAY BACK INTO LOVE by itsme_kitcath
WAY BACK INTO LOVEby It'sme_kitcath
Blaire Samantha is a simple girl. Na ang tanging gusto lamang niya ay ang mahalin rin ng isang Min Vladimir. Pero paano mangyayari yun kung may iba nang tinitibok ang pu...
Whatever I want by Red-Merchant
Whatever I wantby TJ Pelletier
Hey y'all! It's me, Squitshy, everyone's favourite weird noodle! This is the story where I will post whatever I feel like... A dedicated Fangirl who may or may not compl...
Marha Segsy Thopda ||Faceu Revealeu|| by Crystalkookiez
Marha Segsy Thopda ||Faceu ◍◍𝒢𝒶𝓊𝓇𝒾 ◍◍
Caution: Dekh ke dar mat jaiyyo! Yeh Mera hi Thopda hai!!😀😊😊👻👻
Dominance Season 1 by Jktaelu
Dominance Season 1by Sharika Rahman Mim
Dont take it seriously.It is just a fanfiction.Hope will love it.
Hyungerine sketch life  by hyungerine
Hyungerine sketch life by yaya 🍊
just me and my 'creative' life btw I LOVE taehyun and I'm #1 Solomon
Weapon 69 (2) by Jktaelu
Weapon 69 (2)by Sharika Rahman Mim
Its taekook ff. Related to Weapon 69 season 1. Hope u will like it. And dont repost.
This Princess was a BEAST WORLD  by ANGEL-IS-NO-MUFFIN
This Princess was ANGEL-IS-NO-MUFFIN
NOT just another adaption of 'BEAUTY AND THE BEASTS' Join us on this daring, funny and sometimes cringe-y journey with our female ace.. 'PRINCESS' .. Let's see how she j...
~Untold Story~ by Why_Itz_me
~Untold Story~by It's me
සමහර දේවල් හොඳම කාලෙ එනකම් බලන් ඉන්නවා... 🙂
Imperfection by Jktaelu
Imperfectionby Sharika Rahman Mim
Hope u will enjoy the story. If there is any mistake forgive me.
Her poetry. Her melody. by olive_lemon
Her poetry. Her Olive_lemon
Small poems. Credit for the pictures goes to the artists. For better experience try reading with least font size (the verses tend to be long 😅). Do vote!❤️
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Being His Maid: EVANDER BLAZE VILLAREAL by itsme_kitcath
Being His Maid: EVANDER BLAZE It'sme_kitcath
"Lumayas ka na ngayon! At wag na wag ka nang babalik pa!" sigaw ni tiyang at marahas akong hinila patayo at tinulak sa labas ng bahay. Tanging pag-iyak lamang...
Weapon 69 by Jktaelu
Weapon 69by Sharika Rahman Mim
This is an imaginary fanfiction. Dont take it seriously. Enjoy the story.
It's Me. - A FNaF Fanfic. by HiraKun
It's Me. - A FNaF HiraKun
This story will take place in your perspective. It will be about your new job at Freddy Fazbears Restaurant. This will take place in the events of FNaF 1 although I migh...
•تەنها بەسەر ئازارەکانتدا زاڵبە• by Bl4ck_z0
•تەنها بەسەر ئازارەکانتدا زاڵبە•by Zoe
"دەڵێن دکتۆرە دەروونییەکان خۆشیان شێتن چونکە گوێ لە خەمی کەسەکان دەگرن و هاوبەشی خەمەکانیان دەبن و لەگەڵیان دەبن تاوەک و ئەو کەسە لەو بارودۆخە خراپە دەربینن کە تێی...