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ShubmanXdoctor by Missbeautiful2005
ShubmanXdoctorby Missbeautiful2005
This story revolves around a young, heartthrob cricketer Shubman Gill and a beautiful and talented doctor who is cold. Their story starts with a fight and their attitude...
Family I Made by tuggy4u
Family I Madeby Kay Love
She just wanted a family. She just wanted to be accepted. Well let's see what fate has planned
Billionaire's Identity by leoyakast
Billionaire's Identityby Leoya Kast
I know she hates rich people but I should meet her, I should apologize to her, I should take care of her. She wouldn't allow me to if she knows my true identity that I'm...
Naruto:The Hidden God by TheHunterStory
Naruto:The Hidden Godby TheHunterStory
Naruto will be hagoromo's reincarnation and read more cuz it will be explained within the story The story is a lot complected and some part didn't make sense but it will...
Unsure of the Feelings by gleamy2027
Unsure of the Feelingsby Naina
Cover credit~ @lucixxluci This story would completely different from the show yrkkh. This would be a abhirohi story.... 🌸ABHIRA LOVERS ESPECIALLY AAROHI HATERS.., PLEAS...
Tensura X Rimuru The Final Boss by ZeusPamaybay
Tensura X Rimuru The Final Bossby Zeus Pamaybay
"Cail, I'll take a quick nap, wake me up if you think I had enough sleep" Billion of years past bye and rimuru is still asleep, fortunately Cail woke her/him u...
YODDHAS of DESTINY  by itsmokshi
"Can you just shut up" he said irritated. "My mouth, my voice, my wish. Why shall I listen to you?" She said. "Hey mahadev!! Who allowed this ch...
"Even if you hate me, I will always lov... I mean, save you," he said, his arm still holding my waist. "I know," I said, as he landed me on the flo...
Unexpected Love by Curiouswords27
Unexpected Loveby Curiouswords27
Have you ever experienced the love that strikes at the most unexpected place, like the arrow of cupid went haywire, or like the love potion you made for someone landed i...
The Poet That I Keep  by NickAkuma
The Poet That I Keep by Nick Akuma
"im a poet so you better be keep me but you not." Lemme introduce you my first collection of poem that i self made and it's called "The Poet That I Keep&q...
To be by his side by thePurpleEyedGirl
To be by his sideby thePurpleEyedGirl_ಥ-ಥ
Scarlet really did not want to meet him nor did she plan to be captured by him again, but when her unbelievably good looking nightmare of a past catches up to her. Will...
The Elites and The Secret Elite by thysyannick
The Elites and The Secret Eliteby yannickwrites
Isabella Van Doren, a 17-year-old attending public school, receives a scholarship for her senior year at the esteemed Vanguard Academy. Despite her financial independenc...
Arranged  ||||| PJM♡♡♧ by extraordinaryliz_
Arranged ||||| PJM♡♡♧by liz
Park Aerum???, should we name her that? Start date||||||♡||||| : 02》13》21 End date|||||||♡||||| : 4 》26 》21
notti what?( notti x reader x luh Tyler} by nunusmoker
notti what?( notti x reader x 🍪?
ethen reyes and Tyler Meeks died from getting stabbed and wants revenge on the world and if you bop and mock you die.
Signed & Sealed by mindofadramaqueen
Signed & Sealedby S A D E
Charlotte was about to knock on the massive, dark wood door in front of her when suddenly it was whipped open. Out stepped a tall man, wearing a gray suit and talking ra...
Poetry in a diary by roedellseuqaH
Poetry in a diaryby Rodela
needed to make a second poetry work,I didn't write it though,my sister did.
MY BTS DRAWINGS by _kooktiddies_
I will post BTS sketches that I made...I might also add some non-bts sketches too :) Start from the end chapters cause there are better once than the earlier chapters! Y...
Negans only wife (Negan x reader) by -negansrealwife-
Negans only wife (Negan x reader)by Negansrealwife
After running with ricks group since the beginning you are given hard choices and forced to face a ghost from your past and you can't tell if it's for better or for wors...