Vampire's Last Kind

Vampire's Last Kind

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In one colossus world, lived many creatures. Some powerful and fearless. Others weak and scared. This world was known as, Magnolia. 

Vampires. The creature known as queens and kings of all beings, or so they say. 

The Hunter. That searches for vampires, and no one knows the reason to why. 

Fairy Tail. A well-known village, full of a friendly and an exciting aura. 


Follow the last two of their kind, as they write their next chapter.

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He could either be a
                              Demon (not likely) 
                              Dragon (also not likely)
                              Or a
                              Vampire (I'll go with this 😉)
NattyChan2 NattyChan2 Apr 08
Btw don’t take it personal, I say it to many people cause it angers me..
NattyChan2 NattyChan2 Apr 08
Why do people keep saying he has black eyes?!? They’re GREEN! ONYX GREEN FOR FUCKS SAKE!!🤬🤬
Cold0Prince Cold0Prince Mar 09, 2017
Ma mind!!!!
                              I thought Fiore is a kingdom while Magnolia is one of the cities
                              Don't worry author I'll ignore that!
                              *thumbs up*
MoonPrincess919 MoonPrincess919 May 17, 2017
I like how you reversed Magnolia and Fiore as being kingdom and city!
FairyTaillovernalu FairyTaillovernalu Nov 27, 2016
Now that's the truth 😏😏 and I like where this is going