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Vampire's Pet by cannoness
Vampire's Petby Cannon
The world had gone to hell long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire Lords made a consecutive agreement. The...
The Vampire King's Mate [Completed] by Mystery_Angel6
The Vampire King's Mate [Completed]by Mystery_Angel6
"What are you doing here?" I gulped at the hoarse voice. Instead of replying, I stared at Maria's corpse lying on the floor. "You smell so sweet." I...
The Vampire Lord by LucySlays
The Vampire Lordby Lucia
Lord Nathaniel is a pureblooded vampire, he's roamed the earth for centuries and is feared by all creatures. Olivia Bennett is a young naive human girl, she is invited t...
Mixed Emotions by edgarallenyo
Mixed Emotionsby mabel
Nina is normal school girl who loves spending time with her friends and working at her grandmothers bookstore. But she has an ability to feel other peoples emotions deep...
Blood Commentaries by pissbabymilf
Blood Commentariesby pissbabymilf
Danny Gonzalez and his group of quirky friends have never been in any serious danger. And Danny has never let his emotions take over him. Until now.
Aiyana (Twilight) by PezPezzy
Aiyana (Twilight)by pez
↩"You're captivating."↪ ↩"You're exhausting."↪ The town of Forks may be clueless to their true nature, but one girl from the La Push reservation can'...
🦇️ Vampire Love 🦇️ by Dima_Akira
🦇️ Vampire Love 🦇️by Sweet_Dimiz
විශෙශයෙන්ම Max , tul fans ලා වෙනුවෙන් ....❤️ වැම්පයර් කෙනෙක් සහ සාමාන්‍ය පිරිමි ලමයෙකු අතර දිවයන ත්‍රාසය , කෘතුහලය , බීතිය , ආදරය , නව්‍යත්වය පිරි හුදෙක්ම මා විසින් රච...
World Of Charles by akkie29
World Of Charlesby akkie
A world where demons and humans live together in their own boundaries. Severely punished and killed if entered the territory of the other. A trip which was supposed to...
BLOODLINES  by winkyways
BLOODLINES by Vanishka
The story of what lies beyond our boundaries.... Sam finds out a big secret about herself which lands her into a whole new world of supernatural creatures. The world whi...
Midnight Rendezvous by selenearys
Midnight Rendezvousby sylene
Short Stories Collection: Midnight Rendezvous Genre: Vampire "Whatever happens when two vampires meet during the night?" A collection of vampire romance one-sh...
"THE VAMPIRE PRINCE❤️" (jk ) by life_goes_on_bish
"THE VAMPIRE PRINCE❤️" (jk )by Jngkookie
Jungkook's POV: I suddenly bumped into someone, and her strawberry basket fell from her hands "Oh I am sorry" i said and knelt down to help her in putting her...
Salvatore Sister [TVD] - on hold - by ponyosmom35
Salvatore Sister [TVD] - on hold -by B
The beginning of the story you know Madison Salvatore is the twin of Stefan and the youngest in the family, much like her brother Damon she was never the favorite. Under...
❤ Still With You ❤ [Completed ] by J_J_Oshi
❤ Still With You ❤ [Completed ]by ❣️ OSHI ❣️
👤 ඔයා හැමදාමත් මගේ ළගින්ම ඉන්න. ආදරේ කරන්නත් රණ්ඩු කරන්නත් මට ඉන්නේ ඔයා විතරයි මැණික. ❤ 👤 ඇත්තට ආදරේ කරන අයට පුළුවන් දාල යන්න හේතු දාහක් තිබුනත් ලගින් ඉන්න එක හේතුවක්...
7 VAMPIRE KINGS.. by NagellaSarupya
7 VAMPIRE Nagella Sarupya
The vampire kings _ namjoon,seokjin,yoongi,hoseok, taehyung,jimin, jungkook are most powerful and ruthless vampires..who falls in love with a human...can vampires and h...
Bloody Sins. [p;jm] by sk1ndeep
Bloody Sins. [p;jm]by sk1ndeep
"Your blood is addicting, like candy to a child" __ Park Jimin. ⚠️ Slow Updates ⚠️
The boyz One Shots by x_lightthenight_x
The boyz One Shotsby x_lightthenight_x
-Josh Dub -Your Narrator -Eddie VR -Mully -Juicy -Ree Kid The storys will be fucked up. You can expect everything. Requests are open!
The Lost One (The Vampire Diaries fanfiction) [will not continue] by liddya
The Lost One (The Vampire Paulina
Angeline is a normal girl from the 1800s who met Klaus Mikaelson. Then after that not so normal. She is a two hundred year old vampire, Katherine's dear friend, who retu...
You make a trip to visit Cross Academy in search of your siblings, Kaname and Yuki. Little did you know that an "old friend" attends that school. You start to...
Daoming Si x Reader by kpop_army179321
Daoming Si x Readerby Victoria Dries
You move back to Shanghai with your mum after living in America for family business and your popstar tours. You reunited with your childhood best friends Daoming Si and...
Her Scent by just__livinglife
Her Scentby just__livinglife
#3 vampirelove #11 Vampire Chaos Awards - 2nd in Vampire category "Oh, I'm so sorry" were her first words to him. "I can't" were his first words. She...