The Bad Boy Got Me Arrested #weneeddiversebooks [HIATUS CAUSE OF SCHOOL]

The Bad Boy Got Me Arrested #weneeddiversebooks [HIATUS CAUSE OF SCHOOL]

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"I want you," Mr Ross said slowly as he paced and the room, "to come up with a piece of prose taken from a famous author. But." He stopped, "I want you to add your own spin to it." He looked at the class and smiled, "you have two minutes." We all got to it. 

After two minutes he called out 'times up.' He scanned the class to pick his victim and finally settled on, "Noah." He looked unbothered as he lifted his head up from the table. "Read yours out please." He signalled to the piece of paper in front of him. 

Still, unbothered he picked up the paper and cleared his throat. He glanced at me then began, "Lilo... light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lee-Low: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of two steps down the palate to tap, at two, on the teeth. Lee. Low. She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing five feet six in one sock. She was Lola in slacks. She was Willa at school. She was Willow on the dotted line. But in my arms, she was always... Lilo." He finished with a blank expression on his face, turned his head to look at me then rested it back onto the desk. 

The whole class stared at me but I couldn't help but stare at him in awe. 


  {this extract has not been published but will be in the upcoming weeks}
- this book is berry humorous. The extract makes it seem like it's not. 

- All characters and sub characters you will meet are of different races unless described to be Caucasian #weneeddiversebooks. 

- Sidenote: I've lived in England practically all my life so trying to write American English can be hard. sorry :)

- PLEASE read the author's note instead of commenting and trying to make me appear to be stupid because I won't hesitate to make you feel stupid yourself :)

- Cover made by the bootiful @moonxriver, I can't thank you enough❤
Please vote comment and promote, I love you all and happy reading!xo

Highest Ranking, that I've seen!: #25 Humour - 2-Oct-16!

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A_T_Y_W_T_B A_T_Y_W_T_B Nov 20, 2016
Hi! I have noticed your book does not have as many reads as it deserves. Check out my profile to see how you can promote it 😀
weirdo5194 weirdo5194 Oct 29, 2016
Yay my name is finally in something 👌🏻😋🙃😀😊
BookBird210 BookBird210 Oct 26, 2016
You are amazing, author! The way you've written this author's note  - I got yo back gurl! P.S. Yasss England represent! I'm from London, where are you from? (Although my ethnicity is actually different haha)
DarlingMalfoyWriter DarlingMalfoyWriter Jan 08, 2017
I sherched it on the wattpad shearch bar, and there are quite a few stories called 'the bad boy got me aressted' but urs is #1
theoriginalhybrid theoriginalhybrid Jan 16, 2016
I read it a little fast and I thought it said f you 😂😂
xoxotracey xoxotracey Jan 04, 2016
I'm really glad to see this diversity! Because I'm Samoan myself never once I have stumble across a book with Polynesians in it