Bed Of Lies |Jolinsky|

Bed Of Lies |Jolinsky|

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Brooklyn By BrooklynWritings Updated Jul 16

"This is so wrong." 

"This is the first time I've felt right." 

Story where Jack Johnson experiences more than a tough break at the age of sixteen for being gay, but finds himself becoming a successful musician's maid. 


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iamnerijaii iamnerijaii Dec 16, 2017
Why tf does it seem like Nash is gonna he the bad guy ? He always is...either him or Matt
No_Bad_Vibes_Here No_Bad_Vibes_Here Jul 23, 2017
I am so gald they broke up. The were toxic for each other. They need this break.
Brydazzled_1121 Brydazzled_1121 Sep 27, 2017
That's freaky. My moms name is Maxine and when she was 33 I was six. And she was gonna name me Olivia but changed to verdence when she saw my dark blue eyes. IM SCARED WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ME AUTHOR
Brydazzled_1121 Brydazzled_1121 Sep 27, 2017
FINALLY A BLACK PERSON (well watered down but ill take what I can get)
-psychoticlies -psychoticlies May 14, 2017
this is exactly why i'm scared shitless to tell my parents i'm bi....
btscrazed btscrazed Jul 14, 2017
I was scared shitless when I accidentally came out but my mom was like damn about time and I was like whatttt how she was like it's obvious I'm mean your boy crazy but you still look at girls a certain way and I was like uhhhhhhhh ok I guess