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Dude, I love you

Dude, I love you

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Christopher By xExpressionx Completed

"The prequel to all Jack and Jack Fanfictions."
Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky have been best friends since kindergarten, but when high school started they started to fall out due to the fact that Jack G was welcomed into the “in crowd” and the Jack J wasn't. Jack J starts being isolated by Jack G's new friends and neither of them do anything to stop it, but they have to continue being friends regardless because their parents are good friends with each other. However the awkwardness begins to settle in and what will Jack J do when even Jack G begins to turn his back on his 'best friend'.

Disclaimer: These events take place quite bit before they become famous on vine. First year of High School to be exact and these events are fictional.
I know they're not actually gay but I like them in general as just friends but as a ship as well. Eventually it's boyxboy.

KolbieClaphan KolbieClaphan Nov 24, 2016
Sometimes I accidentally look at people when I'm spaced out then I feel awkward when I realize what I'm doing
EmmyB168 EmmyB168 Dec 30, 2016
I'm trying to decide how to respond because it's like 2 in the morning
EmmyB168 EmmyB168 Dec 30, 2016
This is why I shouldn't read Wattpad at 2 in the morning cause I die laughing
IssaMamiLani_03 IssaMamiLani_03 Oct 28, 2016
My grandma does that to me all the time and I get so mad! But if I yell at her she might throw the chancla at me XD HISPANIC people problems!!
Justin is actually his hometown friend. Did you really know that two years ago? Bc wow. I know I didn't when I read this in 2014.
AshtonFarts AshtonFarts Dec 19, 2016
I fūcking hate when I do that. I space out and accidentally stare at someone and they think I'm a weirdo and creepy. 🖕😕