Love me because I'm me ( jolinsky & shaylor) by Mendes_bae12
Love me because I'm me ( Avery’s_bae12
This is a jolinsky and shaylor boyxboy book Jack Johnson is not your average boy. He's gay in love with one of his best friends, but he hasn't come out yet Shawn mende...
  • shaylor
  • hiding
  • blackmail
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Last full moon(Boyxboy)(shaylor)(Magcon Boys) by Dalton159
Last full moon(Boyxboy)(shaylor)( Dalton159
On the last full Moon of the year every werewolf who has turn 17 years old will be able to find their mates. So what happens when Omega Shawn Mendes finds out that his m...
  • werewolves
  • alpha
  • aphrodite
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My Bad Boy *Jolinsky* by johnsonisacutie
My Bad Boy *Jolinsky*by johnsonisacutie
"Did you hear about the new kid? I heard he went to jail 3 one year!"somone said talking to there friend at there locker,which is across the hall fr...
  • wattys2017
  • jolinsky
  • fandom
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With Benefits (Jolinsky) boyxboy by GirlLovesGayboys
With Benefits (Jolinsky) boyxboyby That Girl
Jack and Jack are best friends and have had this little arrangement for almost 5 years now. What happens when Johnson grows feeling for gilinsky through this. What wil...
  • love
  • jackjohnson
  • gaysex
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Magcon OneShots(BoyxBoy) by SmallWorldBigLove
Magcon OneShots(BoyxBoy)by Pup
A bunch of Magcon BoyxBoy ships Hope you enjoy it French translation is by @Lynnee7
  • jacobwhitesides
  • daylor
  • aaroncarpenter
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Baby assignment(magcon boys) by Savi_Barakat
Baby assignment(magcon boys)by Savi_carlile
Baby assignment is where 2 different groups will be partnered together by a teacher for a class assignment to raise I baby for a school year nash,savi,hayes,shawn,matth...
  • catthew
  • wilkinson
  • haaron
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Bromance One Shots (BoyxBoy) by dontyouoverdose
Bromance One Shots (BoyxBoy)by adios
Short stories about Bromances such as |Jolinsky| |Mash| |Nayes| |Cash| |Wincest| |Jaspar| | Hameron| |Jake| |Jack and Finn| |Shoey| |Jian| And more. This is going to...
  • hameron
  • mash
  • boyxboy
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Falling For You~(Jolinsky) (Boyxboy) by totalfangirl101
Falling For You~(Jolinsky) ( totalfangirl101
Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky are best friends. They know everything about each other, well, almost everything. You see, Johnson was hiding something. A terrible traged...
  • magcon
  • jolinsky
  • gay
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I'm The Boss by Wonderlesslani59
I'm The Bossby Lani Aluno
Jolinsky Fanfic Jack's mother sells him to one of the richest, and the youngest business man in the country. I know what you're thinking, what kind of mother would do su...
  • magcon
  • boyxboy
  • watty2018
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The Crossdresser & The Bully 👊❤ 👙💋 by hotline-vibes
The Crossdresser & The Bully 👊❤ � 1-800_dazed
Innocent~ Taylor ?? Bad Boy ~ Shawn ??
  • gay
  • cash
  • fam
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chaos • jolinsky by jackandjackk
chaos • jolinskyby no
Johnson was 19, but with a noticeable difference from the rest. He liked pastel colours and female clothes, usually with a flowercrown to match. Gilinsky was a popstar...
  • johnson
  • boyxboy
  • gilinsky
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Purge {Jolinsky, Cash, Shaylor, Catthew} ❤ -redo by hotline-vibes
Purge {Jolinsky, Cash, Shaylor, 1-800_dazed
Surviving through the nights can be difficult.... (edited)
  • tawn
  • boyxboy
  • catthew
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Nerds Are The Good Kissers » Cash by nashsfry
Nerds Are The Good Kissers » Cashby ☹ i’m a loser ☹
❝ Let's do the lip connecting thing. ❞
  • nameron
  • haaron
  • marter
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magcon boy x boy text shots by -larryhoe
magcon boy x boy text shotsby trash
send in requests ((:
  • skammy
  • boyxboy
  • catthew
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You love I // jolinsky by tidesdun
You love I // jolinskyby M
"What are you looking at?"JJ chuckled as he faced me. "Something so beautiful." I replied smiling. completed* Boyxboy (jolinsky) #2in jolinsky...
  • nashgrier
  • natemaloley
  • zaynmalik
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My House, My Rules by kkjackson_avery
My House, My Rulesby KK Jackson
What happens when all of Magcon move into one house. Cameron is in charge of everyone. This means he decides their punishment, their bedtime, and their treats. WARNING:...
  • spankings
  • haaron
  • camerondallas
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Jolinsky One-Shots by Wildfire62
Jolinsky One-Shotsby WildFire62
Request any you want and I'll try to write it! Jolinsky fans UNITE!!!!! Cause honestly, we all know its real, or will be in the future. :)
  • jackgilinsky
  • jolinsky
  • beb
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nudes ; jolinsky by kjller
nudes ; jolinskyby J.
When one boy sends another boy his nudes.
  • shaylor
  • gay
  • catthew
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Jolinsky one-shots (BOYXBOY) by ewwstark
Jolinsky one-shots (BOYXBOY)by victoria ☾
Just jolinsky one shots and smut. ;) !! I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS IN 7TH GRADE, CRINGE 1000000000% !!
  • boyxboy
  • jackandjack
  • jackxjack
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Falling For The Nerd by tylerandjoshdunseph
Falling For The Nerdby satan
Jack Johnson was always the school nerd. He got beat, called names, and pushed around by the football team. Jack Gilinsky, however, is there one time after he is beaten...
  • jackjohnson
  • jackgilinsky
  • boyxboy
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