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Patronise ~ Ziam by hi-imlouiswife
Patronise ~ Ziamby Bitch
patronise - verb (used with object), pa·tron·ized, pa·tron·iz·ing to behave in an offensively condescending manner ~ ~ ~ liam and zayn are locker buddies and liam like...
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Veronica [Zarry] by zayninterlude
Veronica [Zarry]by ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
She moved her body with grace, she moved his heart in other ways
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Baby Brother « Zianourry Zayn centric♡ by -Dysfunctional
Baby Brother « Zianourry Zayn 𝔹ℝ𝔸𝕋
"I love my big brothers! I-I want you guys to show me you love me too..." « or where » Zayn's the 13 y/o baby brother to his four older brothers, Niall who's...
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flower boy next door™ (boyxboy) c.s by _spilttea
flower boy next door™ (boyxboy) c.sby The Fake Blondie™
Flower boys : Are pretty boys, VERY pretty boys. They're usually skinny, have gorgeous hair and have feminine features. They're not beefy or muscly, but are quite lean. ...
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Always In My Heart (Sequel To Love Hurts) by pussycat73
Always In My Heart (Sequel To do you know who you are
It's all about keeping up with the Styles, daily struggles with parenthood while keeping their love alive.
Love's Slave - Zarry by Grape_Baby0
Love's Slave - Zarryby Grape Baby
In which Zayn and Harry are high school sweethearts but Zayn is so in love that when he finds out Harry is cheating on him, he makes no attempts to stop it.
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pom poms vs. fangs || l.s (mpreg)  by mpregcurls
pom poms vs. fangs || l.s (mpreg) by 泡
harry, the popular cheerleader. louis, the outcast vampire in secret. opposites attract right? top!l | bottom!h : first update; may 2016 : (no longer updating)
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Complicated (Ziam AU) by K_Ray13
Complicated (Ziam AU)by feelins
"So why?" Zayn asked looking at Liam. Liam looked at him with a clear expression of confusion. Zayn sighed. "Why after all this time?..I me-mean you mad...
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idfc // zarry by zarrynotsorry_
idfc // zarryby Simran Mia
Harry: You know who's gay? Zayn: .... Harry: *slaps Zayn's ass* ME
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Chocolate ➳ Ziam by eatmezayn
Chocolate ➳ Ziamby baby boy liam
in which zayn loves chocolate and liam treats it to him whenever he's a good boy. ©/chase all rights reserved 2016/
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Bakery Boy. (Zarry) by Illegalzayn
Bakery Boy. (Zarry)by I love bands.
Zayn falls in love with Harry Styles the bakery boy. But, There's more to it than a cheesy love story. Where everything changes, a lot of hearts break, and a separation...
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boys //ziam mpreg by niazkiam
boys //ziam mpregby niazkiam
ziam family fic. zayn and liam are the parents to four amazing boys. jordan, the oldest is 16 years old. lucas is 14, and lastly oliver and noah, the twins are both twel...
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Him [Zarry] by Prisonerwithavision
Him [Zarry]by Z
"Harry this isn't healthy. You're obsessed. I can't believe you go to all that trouble just to look at him." "Of course I do," "I have to.&quo...
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Daddy Material l.s by XxHarryloveLouis28xX
Daddy Material l.sby XxHarryloveLouis28xX
Harry is a very pretty boy and he meets a boy named Louis that is very much daddy material, what could go wrong?
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Feelings die by castielxdean
Feelings dieby ♟
Liam isn't a good guy and Zayn knows this. Fuck he knows it. He's experienced firsthand of how not a good guy Liam can be but it's not like he's going to marry the basta...
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Unholy (Ziall Horlik) by Lazaye
Unholy (Ziall Horlik)by Niall's One And Only
"I'm a little drunk I know it." "Imma get high as hell." "I'm a little bit unholy." "So what. So is everyone else." ©Copyright 20...
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Warriors •ziam avengers αυ•  by baselineguk
Warriors •ziam avengers αυ• by ファティマ
[COMPLETED] Published: 8th May 2016. 'Listen, smile and nod, then do whatever the fuck you were going to do in the first place' That was billionaire Zayn Malik's moto. o...
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Obsession  ( Ziam Mayne) by Rosalind_2002
Obsession ( Ziam Mayne)by Black Rose
A sudden crash of metereor changes the biology of earth. What will happen to Zayn and Liam with these new biology and new system of society? Read the book to find out mo...
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Saffron in Limelight(On Hold) by zarryesreal
Saffron in Limelight(On Hold)by Zarry stylik
An ageplay story where Harry is finding a BABYboy to take care of, in this limelight. While Zayn is his band mate who try to take care of himself but eventually a heartb...
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I Know Places - Ziam AU by zapsterpiece
I Know Places - Ziam AUby r
Once Zayn and Liam were husbands. They used to be travellers and visited many places around the world. Unfortunately, they were separated from an airplane accident and f...
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