The Wolf of the North: Book one of the Destroyer Chronicles.

The Wolf of the North: Book one of the Destroyer Chronicles.

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Leo By AllRugbyBoy13 Updated Jul 04, 2016

Post HOO. Finally Percy had slain Gaea, but as he stood there with his sword logged into her abdomen she was still smiling. Gaea would eventually wake back up, but before she was put back into sleep she decided to do one last devastating blow. A blow that was directly meant for Percy. 

She would take away the most important thing in his life before she went into a deep sleep. 

With her gone Percy wasn't the same. He bacame distant with everyone. His heart grew cold and so he left. Having no reason to stay. Now a god, Percy left camp and went where the gods had no power.

EqualHearts EqualHearts Jul 13, 2015
Excalibur has taken over Chaos and know he keeps saying fool and hits people with his cane!
zschumann292 zschumann292 Jul 13, 2015
I liked the beginning better but then it got to confusing towards the end
sasukes223 sasukes223 Jul 12, 2015
Love the knew plot twist would have been better when the whole herem was established but still good can't wait to see where you go with the story
umayma2015 umayma2015 Jul 11, 2015
Seriously, it's 6 in the morning where I live. Why are you posting an authors note instead of getting some rest @AllRugbyBoy13. Huh?