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A second chance.

A second chance.

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C 💫 By darkarchangel2 Updated Mar 06

Perseus Jackson had won. Won against thirteen Gods in a fight to the death in the Olympian throne room. He spilled the ichor of many, many immortals, slaughtered hundreds of demigods, Roman and Greek, and destroyed anything standing in his way to victory. 

He claimed his place as the King of the world, with his beautiful Queen at his side, Zoe Nightshade. Together, the two of them ruled the world with an iron fist, creating monsters to serve them, forcing mortals to become their slaves. 

Zeus, stuck under the sky, forced to bear Atlas's punishment for entirety. Poseidon, forced to become nothing more but a slave to the King and Queen themselves. Hestia and Ares, forced to become slaves to Perseus's loyal army of bloodthirsty demigods and demi-titans. 

Demigods, only four remain alive in Perseus's new rein of terror. 

Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. Held in the worst prison cell in Olympus. Made immortal, and was to be tortured for entirety. Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano, daughter of Bellona. Forced to become nothing more but a dummy in sparring practice for Perseus's army. Jason Grace, son of Jupiter, and Frank Zhang, son of Mars. Both of them forced to clean up the remains of the hundreds of demigods Perseus slaughtered in his way to victory, and then to become personal caretakers to Perseus and his army. 

After many years of Perseus's rule, all eight of them, Gods and Demigods, decided that Perseus's rein of terror was over. 

But how will they escape from their predicament? 

*Sequel to Revenge. Read the previous book first to understand what's going on.*

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