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Annabeth Chase and the Lost Legend by MsPenguingirl1234
Annabeth Chase and the Lost Legendby Mary Jane
After helping her best friend defeat Kronos, Annabeth Chase gets a quest from Rachel (the new Oracle) concerning a legend that went missing centuries back. Remembering...
Brother of Zeus by perseusTheDestroyer5
Brother of Zeusby perseusTheDestroyer15
What if Zeus had an older twin brother? This is his story. It starts in Ancient Greece and works itself eventually to PJO cannon. This is an AU story with Godlike! Percy...
Ascension of the Fallen by itskrotexil
Ascension of the Fallenby itskrotexil
Millennia ago, he was cast from Olympus, exiled to the Pit. Olympus quakes in fear at the return of the Fallen. As the Titans rise, the eldest of Kronos and Rhea returns...
The Reading✔️ by fair1015
The Reading✔️by dontcallme_annie
It's back up!!!! A characters read the book fic. I know... Overdone and overused. But this is my take on how it would unfold. Set after the Giant War, before ToA. The g...
Return Of The Godslayer by SonOfTartarus01
Return Of The Godslayerby SonOfTartarus01
The world has fallen. The alliance is crumbling. The gods are dead. But there is hope. Legends tell of a great tyrant. A treacherous god and false king bound to chai...
Broken Together [Perlypso] - Completed {Book 1 of 2} by -_-percy-jackson-_-
Broken Together [Perlypso] - Percy
"She'll always be my biggest what if..." -Percy Jackson, Battle of the Labyrinth [Completed] Imagine: Leo never found Calypso's island and she remained alone...
Percy Jackson: God Of War by GodOfCommunicating
Percy Jackson: God Of Warby JR
The Titan War is over, Luke made the right decision sacrificing himself, It turns out Ares was actually working for Kronos all along. Adopting some stuff from a book...
Perseus Jackson: Old Timing Hero by Book_The_Worm
Perseus Jackson: Old Timing Heroby Paige
He lived back thousands of years. There are no legends of him. Their Immortal savior was forgotten, as he disappeared, supposedly forever. But he has come back. Krono...
The Lost Sea Prince: Percy Jackson by Jakejakelovesu
The Lost Sea Prince: Percy Jacksonby Overdramatic
What if Percy's first capture the flag went wrong? What if Perseus heritage is a bit different? What if it's more complicated than ever?
ancient greek reading by rinsreactions
ancient greek readingby rin
the Mini-big three go back in time to read the PJO books with the Olympians, some minor gods and three heroes of old i didn't make cover art, i don't know who did i just...
Percy Jackson: Born of Three by Book_The_Worm
Percy Jackson: Born of Threeby Paige
Perseus Jackson had a unique birth. His mother, Sally Jackson, a daughter of Apollo, was so pure hearted and kind, all three of the sons of Kronos and Rhea fell for her...
Perseus Lost Primordial by Jacaqua
Perseus Lost Primordialby Jacaqua
Perseus is a Primordial Son of Void. Primordial of magic. Everybody thinks he is faded but is not and there is a big war
Percy Jackson-The Grandson of Voldemort by Book_The_Worm
Percy Jackson-The Grandson of Paige
Percy Jackson has always been different. Even by demigod standards. He had normal demigod problems...dyslexia, ADHD, and monsters. He had normal problems. Bad grad...
The Long Lost Lover by bluebubblegum12
The Long Lost Loverby bluebubblegum12
Perseus is the Long Lost Lover of Artemis. He is the son of Poseidon and Lupa. He died many millennia ago. He now has the chance to take back that was lost to him. But w...
Perseus the First Being by Fluff-n-Puff
Perseus the First Beingby ROWYN ✍︎︎
There is a tale told through Primordials about a being. A being older than Chaos. A being so old, that only Chaos has a sliver of a memory of him. A being that disappear...
Yêu thích của Poseidon và A New Beginning (Percy Jackson and Olympians) by Mon_Slytherin
Yêu thích của Poseidon và A New Mon Slytherin
Perseus sent gifts for Father's Day to Poseidon led to the gods decided to closer their children. With Perseus's talents expressed through of the gifts, gods decided to...
Perseus Jackson Son of Medusa by PrObLeM_cHiLdz
Perseus Jackson Son of Medusaby #Michaelisgurl
Left alone, betrayed by those he swore to protect, Percy runs into Medusa. Wishing to die, he waits... "Go ahead, I know you hate me, just kill me already, please...
Percy Jackson: Half-Blood battle by AbigailThomas3
Percy Jackson: Half-Blood battleby AbigailT04
This is just a story. I write for fun, so no judging please.
Who are you again? by myworlds333
Who are you again?by myworlds333
After Percy's best friends and family dies, he is sent to live with his cousin, Peter Parker-Stark. It had been years since they had seen each other, and they are happy...