Come back to me, love(Sequel) [Discontinued FOR NOW]

Come back to me, love(Sequel) [Discontinued FOR NOW]

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Dylann By notcooldudde Updated Oct 29

The is the second book. Please read the first one. 

"Y/N you mean so much to me please.... Come back to me, love." 


"Jungkook leave me be! I have found some else... You have Sunni"


"What about Jungkook? Y/n get you life together! Stop thinking about only yourself!" Yelled Oppa 

"I have my life fine! And what about Jungkook! He broke my heart! Why should I go back to him?!" 


"And do you Min Y/N take --------------- as you loving husband?" 

"I do"  I said about to kiss my husband a voice interrupted.


You have been in America for the past two years. After a while You finally decide to go back to your home land. 

What will happen to you and Jungkook? 
Who were you about to marry? 

Will you ever actually accept Jungkook again? 

Find out in this book.

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