The survivor ( On hold)

The survivor ( On hold)

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Isabella is tortured and beat on all the time by her mother. Have you heard of a child called it the book. Well that is nothing compared to that. Thank god isabella has her friends to talk too. NOT. She wont tell her friends. At least a new really cute boy came to her school zach. He looks interested in her. He may be interested but is he trustworthy. Well i guess it doesnt matter because Isabella runs away from home never to be seen again. 5 years later Isabella Admitt's herself to a college near wheres she staying. 

What happens when when her new perfect world comes crashing down? 

What happen's when she sees Zach and Anna and Frenchesca again?

Even worse...

What happens when her mother wants a second chance at playing 'mommy'?

  • abuse
  • anger
  • anna
  • annabel
  • annoyed
  • arugement
  • blood
  • cheat
  • cocky
  • college
  • confusion
  • dreams
  • emma
  • feelings
  • flirt
  • frenchesca
  • frenchie
  • friendlyness
  • friends
  • glass
  • hurt
  • important
  • isabella
  • issues
  • kid
  • life
  • lunch
  • meet
  • message
  • mom
  • mrs
  • new
  • pain
  • princapal
  • scared
  • school
  • secrets
  • sleepover
  • so-called-mom
  • trust
  • watson
  • weird
  • worried
  • zach
brokensmilez brokensmilez Sep 02, 2013
I remember reading this and I've spent half an hour looking for it!! Thank goodness u did
JoelTorres0 JoelTorres0 Dec 23, 2011
@chanina123 i really like this one :] its really sad but touching :]
chanina123 chanina123 Jul 26, 2011
@brokensmilez I know but just wait toward the end of the story her life is better dont worry lol
chanina123 chanina123 Jul 25, 2011
@silvertears1 in a way but less harshness that book was so awful this is gonna be less
CryingSilver CryingSilver Jul 25, 2011
is this going to be like 'a child called it?' that book was brutal.
markschmoyer markschmoyer Apr 19, 2011
There are some grammar issues, like spelling and punctuation. And when you have "A year ago before the incident", the word "ago" and "before" mean the same, so its redundant to have both.