Forbidden Arrow

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Carmela had the perfect friends, the perfect school, the dream life. She was the girl everyone wanted to be and the girl every guy wanted to have.
    Until, she changed from popular to avoided--forgotten. 
    But one crazy night seals her fate as she meets someone, someone that is willing to show her things that she has never seen before, opened her eyes to a new world. Someone that filled the hole made her feel like herself again. But, before she even gets his name she is left with alone with half a phone number. 
    When they meet again strange things start happening, mystery notes, creepy voice, eerie walks home, and people threatening her life. Carmela begins to feel unsafe in the neighbourhood she's grown up in. Soon they're both thrown into a life altering situation, which they have rush against the clock to survive. 
    Besides, will she ever get that phone number? 
something tells me shes gonna go to great lengths for that phone number!
Beautiful sentence structure. I loved the way each and every paragraph pieced together. It was a fantastic opening chapter to the story. keep up the great work x
Your descriptions are amazing, even though it's just the Prologue.
                                    I bet the further chapters are even better.
                                    Interesting story, good job! :)
this was really awesome!!
                                    a great torturing cliffhanger at the end!! :P
                                    u wrote this really well!! :D
I thought this was an awesome beginning, really pulled me in. I was just I need to read the first story in this sequel before I read this? I don't want to be missing parts from not reading the first story. Oh! And the book cover is gorgeous!(:
This was intense (: It was a great start and very suspenseful! I saw very minor grammar mistakes, no spelling mistakes. It was written very well and your descriptions were perfect! I liked it (: