Not the Alpha's Baby

Not the Alpha's Baby

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Maria_Tal By Maria_Tal Updated May 24, 2015


"I didn't mean for any of this to happen... I thought he actually loved me." 

Young Mia Whinsten was in love, in love with her boyfriend Carter, the beta of her pack. Mia knows that they're not true mates, but agrees to reject her Soul-Mate when she meets him in order to be with only Carter. He pledges to do the same, but that doesn't mean he's the one to keep a promise like that.....

One night when Mia devotes her heart Carter, she agrees to officially mate with him. She believes he is the one for her and no one else, so she decides to do just that, no matter the consequence. When she soon finds out she is pregnant after their night together, she is more than joyed. She can't possibly wait to tell Carter the news, and rushes to tell him. The only problem was her beloved Carter.

He didn't love her the way she thought.

He was found in bed with another woman, the one he mentions as his true mate. Turns out he couldn't hold up his end of the deal. Not only humiliated but also torn, Mia can't help but run away. She feels as if she means nothing and doesn't want anything more but to curl up in a whole and die. No one can fix her crushed, broken, and disposed heart.... Or so she thinks.....

Will she soon find her Mate? The one she promised to reject for a liar and complete bastard who didn't really love her. 

What happens when her mate turns out to be a very powerful Alpha? An Alpha who has never touched another female and has waited for his mate. What will go down when he finds out that his mate has been with another male before him? Will he still love the unborn child as his own, but most importantly, will he love Mia unconditionally? 

After all, he is a Powerful Alpha who doesn't share what's his.

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Intoxicated_Bliss Intoxicated_Bliss Jul 31, 2014
Wow. Seems like a faithful guy. He wants his first to be his mate