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Pretty Boy- discontinued sorryyyy by fuckinangelic
Pretty Boy- discontinued sorryyyyby emi
After years of abuse form his father and a full year in hell with his foster father and brother, 15 year old Aiden is finally reunited with his younger sister, Ellie as...
Humans in the pridelands (Under Construction) (ON HOLD)  by lushe-nee
Humans in the pridelands (Under Co...by Mia
Two kids named Damian and Jada tae a trip to africa to get away from thier old life, but thier plane crashes and they find themselves stranded and injured, until they me...
Beneath the Glasses by Wild_animal3005
Beneath the Glassesby Shifu
"Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one." -Bill Gates Rose Thorne. The nerd of Brookedale High, lowest of the low, bullied for being smart...
Internal cry by TheWritingUser
Internal cryby TheWritingUser
"How long has he been hurting you?" There it is. The question I dreaded, but I promised him I would be honest, so I took a deep breath and answered. "Seve...
Auto Mechanic for the Mafia by olivesandpie
Auto Mechanic for the Mafiaby Orchidlove
Marco Rafaello is the Don of the Italian Mafia based out of America. He is attractive, aggressive, and a fierce leader. He only cares about his mother and his men, anyon...
Excavate by No_this_is_patches
Excavateby No_this_is_patches
Riley knew how to take care of himself. He wasn't good at much, but he could do that and do it well. Cycling through violence and neglect from his father, he didn't have...
Bad News by Spagbol99
Bad Newsby Spagbol99
Fifteen year old Lincoln Taylor's life had finally settled down, before the unthinkable happened. Suddenly sent to live with a father he never knew and a family he had...
Do I Deserve You? by veggiebunny2
Do I Deserve You?by veggie bunny2
Snoutlout knows he isn't worth anything and his father drives that into his brain. Hookfang tries to help his rider but he refuses the help and just stays silent. One da...
Bapa Love Story 1 (Danger Force FanFic) by Danger2019
Bapa Love Story 1 (Danger Force Fa...by Faceless
Chapa has an alcoholic evil father that abuses her and goes through depression. Bose catches feelings for Chapa then ask Mika & Miles to help him. (Children are 13) Star...
Beaten by ForTheLoveOfIt
Beatenby ForTheLoveOfIt
His dad grabbed his shirt and pushed him backwards. Ryan cried out as he tumbled down the stairs and hit the floor hard. His dad advanced on him. Then he walked forward...
His Abused Mate by Peanuts121
His Abused Mateby Peanuts121
Warning: Amateur writing with tons of cringe and mistakes! Read at your own risk. Skylar Clark is just a 17 year old girl who lives with her abusive father. When she mo...
My Abusive Father by Kittenlove2257
My Abusive Fatherby 《𝑳𝒖𝒏𝒂𝑿 ♡ 𝑳𝒐𝒄𝒌 𝑯𝒆𝒂...
My family was once whole now its just torn to nothing. I lost my mother and brother when I was 3 years old. My father started abusing me when I was 5. He drinks 24/7. ...
broken immortal by Zrei_0
broken immortalby Rei
What happens when a suicidal boy meets a murderous villian who finds a target he cannot kill? What happens when the two become closer due to a mutual hate for life? What...
Behind These Walls by mashange13
Behind These Wallsby mashange_sa
I looked at him fear soon enveloping me. My heart starts pounding, my palms become sweaty, I feel my face lose its colour as I become pale. I beg him to stop, I cry out...
Breaking The Mirror [Edited And Complete] by LoveMyHateBabe
Breaking The Mirror [Edited And Co...by Ember Skye
"Go to hell." "Yes, sir." Jayden has a lot of problems and his new neighbor, Seaton Andrews, isn't helping matters... ~~ Jayden's life story is now...
Married to Mr. Obsessive || Kth ff by ann_writess
Married to Mr. Obsessive || Kth ffby ꒦꒷𝗔𝗡𝗡𝗜𝗘՞˖
Everything is not perfect in y/n's life, to make matter more worse, she is sold to Kim Taehyung, The God of the Mafia world. She misinterpreted him by his looks, to say...
Deepest Despair •KatsuDeku Soulmate AU• by Angry-Cactus
Deepest Despair •KatsuDeku Soulmat...by Angry-Cactus
⚠️⚠️ Cutting Suicide attempts Anxiety Depression Usage of illegal substances Alcohol Profanity Abuse ⚠️⚠️ A Soulmate mark. Something that gives you hope in finding...
Broken And Bruised. ( Avengers Adopt) by MariahBirkland
Broken And Bruised. ( Avengers Ado...by None ya bees wax
at age 8, her mother killed herself. in the same room as her. she watched as the noose tightened, and her body heaved. as her eyes rolled back, and her neck cracked. And...
In the town Santa Carla and in this story there is a girl named rose who just a sweet innocent girl or so everyone thought she was actually a badass girl and was a turn...
His Angel  by horselove863
His Angel by horselove863
[A/N] This is my first book on here and I hope you like it. I will try to post twice a week so please stay tuned. [18+ 🔞 ] ...