Alpha's Baby | astera22

Alpha's Baby | astera22

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My mum always used to tell me what it's like to see your mate for the first time. She used to say that at that moment, everything around you stopped, that nothing else mattered. 

And nothing else would matter. If it wasn't for the little girl clinging to my leg right now. That little girl that trusts me with her life, that beautiful little girl that made me hold on and not give up on life. That little girl, whose father is standing in front of me right now. He's my mate.

The edges of his lips curve and he looks up and down as if checking me out.

"Long time no see." Are the words that first come out of his mouth that break the silence.


Lexie is an Alpha's daughter. She faces a hard few days and thinks a night at the club will help her get through this. A few drinks won't  hurt, right? At least that's what she thinks. Yet that night will change everything sooner than she would ever imagine.

When the next day, her pack gets attacked, everything is chaos. Her mother and father are killed and her world shatters. She's forced to run away and leave everyone that she still has left behind. She thinks she has no one... that's until she finds out about another heartbeat in her body.

Raising a baby on your own is hard enough. After a few years she finally meets her mate though and it turns out she knows him after all. How will she confess that her mate is actually her daughter's father? What will happen now?

We don't live in a fairy tale where every story has a happy ending though. Real world isn't that easy...if you can call a world full of mystical creatures very real.

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JohnBell824 JohnBell824 Aug 15, 2017
I guess I picked the right one to read. I like to read the first stories. after they have been completed.
tauru_s tauru_s Nov 13, 2017
My body stay vicious i be up in the gym just workin on my fitness
                              Hes my witness,
Jay_Frances_ Jay_Frances_ May 10, 2016
I'm bout to go read the last page to see if it has a happy ending....that description got me scared😂😂😂😂
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 21, 2015
I'm only on the first part and I like it. First-rate writing. The pacing was on point. Nice and easy reading.
daiseystar22 daiseystar22 Nov 21, 2015
I like the synopsis so the story will be good and I know u will be an awesome writer in future
FloraDesire FloraDesire Nov 18, 2015
should i read this? because i read the plot but the last line that "every story doesn't have happy ending" made my hurt in pain.