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Melissa By Kugelmonkey Updated Aug 28, 2011

The Benevolent Shepherd: A shepherd's realization that giving is worth more than riches ever are.
I Believe: My personal belief and rules to live by.
My Wish: Being absolutely perplexed as to who you love truly.
The Words: Beautiful words you can't forget...
Beauty: Everyone is beautiful.
Knowing: Personal experiences... wishing I knew more about a relative of mine who passed away.
Fated: About somebody I know personally who is fated to lose friends soon after they make them.
Only Fourteen: About somebody who is only young, yet has their life almost falling apart around them.
Wander: The experience of a haunted house.
Ignorant: Being ignorant to a blatant problem and wishing to relive it.

rockoutglo rockoutglo Jul 02, 2012
The flow, rhyming, and structure are very good. I like how you made a kind of story out of it.
crimson_eyes crimson_eyes Jun 23, 2012
I write poems of the exact same structure as you, and I have to say, it's nice to see someone else who can weave words like this... I usually right sad poems, however, so this is a nice change for me, lol
Kugelmonkey Kugelmonkey Aug 13, 2011
@Mon-Liqui Thank you. Oh, I apologise. I wrote this almost two years ago, so when I was thirteen. Hopefully if you read some more recent ones, they'll flow a bit better?
                              @loveisamazing :)
                              @NoMe12 Thank you. I'm glad it made sense, and I'm glad you like it.
                              Thanks for your feedback! :D
NoMe12 NoMe12 Aug 13, 2011
So i know that poems that tell a story are either ballads or epic (im not sure if im missing another one) so which one is this going to be closet too. 
                              So anyways i love the flow of your writing. It makes everything make sense and normally i get really confused when reading poems
Kugelmonkey Kugelmonkey Aug 13, 2011
@Muisckeepsmesane Thanks so much!
                              @ForeverLove11 Thanks so much. I'm really glad you took them time to read it. :)
ForeverLove11 ForeverLove11 Aug 12, 2011
This is good, you're really talented. I love when people can write rhyming poems without it sounding cheesy...because my rhyming ones normally do. And this tells a story, really nice :)