Reincarnated as an Monster Tamer -If I'm Hated Then,I Just Need To Impress Them. by Illusion-Kun
Reincarnated as an Monster Tamer...by Illusion Of Animations
A story of a Man who died playing strategy games But was reincarnated as A son of the King and Queen but his appearance is rather different from all humans on that world...
  • harem
  • hero
  • romcom
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Fudge, I reincarnated as the heroine! by notthinking
Fudge, I reincarnated as the heroi...by creepycruel
As the title suggests, the story is about the reincarnated tale of our dear heroine who doesn't resemble one at all by the way! Note from author: This is my second atte...
  • heroine
  • dragon
  • magic
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The Reincarnated Mob's Route by Fliiro
The Reincarnated Mob's Routeby Fliiro
"What the f@#$ing hell ?!" The protagonist Alice is reincarnated into the crappy game she make [Colour Of Flowers] where she puts all kind of death flags, abu...
  • reincarnation
  • opfemalelead
  • yandere
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Book 1: Different Worlds {Young Justice x Avengers crossover}  (Under editing) by Nightingale81
Book 1: Different Worlds {Young Ju...by Legacy of the Lost
This is a story of Captain America's daughter crossing over to another world by accident. But they soon found out that she wasn't the only one who cross over. She is now...
  • miss-martian
  • nightwing
  • talia-al-ghul
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Lady Samurai by MDVidgen
Lady Samuraiby Magdalena Vidgen
For years she believed herself to be cursed. Every time she grew close to someone they were taken away from her, paying the ultimate price. And now the curse struck aga...
  • adventure
  • girlpower
  • revenge
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My Sword is My Life by LittleRedHead
My Sword is My Lifeby - LittleRedHead -
Kendensetsu Mizuken is the last survivor of her clan and has recently run away from her old master, Orochimaru. Even with her terrible past she is let into the Hidden Le...
  • naruto
  • uchiha
  • fighting
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Shatter Like Glass-A Pirate Cinderella Retelling ⚔☠ by AlcinaMystic
Shatter Like Glass-A Pirate Cinder...by Samantha Leonard
She danced with him, then she killed him. Ashen of Azure is a pirate, a sorcerer, and a murderer. Eight years after the Prince of Viridian killed her mother, Ashen...
  • cinderella
  • fantasy
  • fantasy100k
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Magic Creation [A Tale Of Obvious Adventures And Relaxation] by JumpStartReset
Magic Creation [A Tale Of Obvious...by Dax Angeles
A student that likes to make things has died by getting hit by a car, but then he realizes that he can reincarnate in another world, with the powers to create anything a...
  • reincarnation
  • magic
  • swords
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Watch Me Rise by Arcadia1610
Watch Me Riseby Hola!!!
Xiannu is the most talented and merciless assassin in modern China. She is out on an assignment when an unexpected hand grenade means she is blown to pieces. However, fo...
  • avengetheweak
  • sword
  • swordfight
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Grandeur Fantasia by verglas
Grandeur Fantasiaby Verglas
The world is full of lies. Everyone lies to fulfill their desires. Utter sweet, sweet words to others to lower their guards and stab them without hesitation to gain prof...
  • opmc
  • monsters
  • sword
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Reborn: Katekyo Hitman Reborn Edition by Shiro_gane2925
Reborn: Katekyo Hitman Reborn Edit...by Shiro.gane
Saito is a second-year student in Namimori Middle School. Aside from being in the kendo club, he is also a devoted member of the disciplinary committee and he is very st...
  • hibari
  • hayato
  • reincarnation
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Dragon Prince by Skyglider
Dragon Princeby Sky😎
(COMPLETED) Prince Isaac is in for more than he bargained for when he sets sail aboard the Ocean's Doom with his knights on a quest to find the legendary sword of Alexan...
  • romance
  • mermaids
  • fcras2016
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Daughter of Salazar (Henry Turner love story) by Lara_the_daydreamer
Daughter of Salazar (Henry Turner...by Lara
He saw something in her. Something she thought was long gone. Something she thought had died long ago. He saw her. He loved her.
  • salazarsrevenge
  • keeper
  • romance
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Vipersong by SaintCorvus
Vipersongby Xin
Arden Mercer, former fearsome assassin, is perfectly content to live a wandering life and delight in the endless pleasures the world has to offer. Yet, to win his freedo...
  • highfantasy
  • kingdom
  • sword
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Red Queen Preferences and Imagines by AlaynaTheRealPotato
Red Queen Preferences and Imaginesby Alayna Calore🔥
A lot of preferences-LGBTQ+ included
  • storm
  • evangeline
  • kingscage
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My Ninja by Nashi_Drag
My Ninjaby Nashi_Drag
YEAH YA! I am back with another book. For those of you who are new here, hi! Also the only fairy tail reference is Natsu's scarf and his hair color. Okay anyway I'm wast...
  • silent
  • lifechanging
  • meixyuzu
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It had passed centuries after the demon king was defeated by the holy guardians. Hanzo defeated Oksizz on earth. Then Oksizz the new demon king had awoken and gave rebir...
  • death
  • roleplay
  • action
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Summer Queen by AmberArgyle
Summer Queenby Amber Argyle
Poised to become the most powerful priestess in Idara, Nelay doesn't have time to become a pretty bauble for the king. She's too busy saving her people from the invading...
  • adventures
  • wizards
  • urban
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I Got Reincarnated as a Immortal!? by Mifuyu-DesuWa
I Got Reincarnated as a Immortal!?by Mifuyu
Reika,an famous actress,and also a rich CEO of a perfume company?of course that just in public.what about her identities in the dark? World Most Wanted Thief,and The Mo...
  • reincarnation
  • multipleworld
  • demonking
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In Love With The Swordsman  by XxMusicalHowlxX
In Love With The Swordsman by 🐾XxMusicalHowlxX🐾
Princess Asuna's Life was tough, With her mother trying to pair her off to the richest prince or her tough decision to run away with her most true love, Kirito Who was t...
  • online
  • swordartonline
  • kirito
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