The Billionaire's Ex Wife (T.B.E.W. Book 1) (completed) by Dredge116
The Billionaire's Ex Wife ( Dredge
Aurora Kingsley is the Ex Wife to Multi Billionaire Blayze Mancini. When Blayze is away on business Aurora leaves him, so he thinks. She returns five years later with a...
  • love
  • mafia
  • secondchances
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I Don't (Complete)  by WeirdAuthor101
I Don't (Complete) by Weirdauthor101
Adorabelle's Grandmother was a millionaire but she hated Adorabelle's Father because he married a poor wife. Adorabelle's Father fell for Adorabella's Mother instantly...
  • arrangements
  • grandparents
  • confused
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Her Happy Child Years by LateMarineBiologist
Her Happy Child Yearsby A Phytoplankton
Rose and her family are now moving from Florida all the way back to the precious town of De Smet. Rose is now going to be learning at her first school and is excited to...
  • missouri
  • charlesphillipingalls
  • return
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Female Spyro X Male Reader X Cynder by Winter-Phoenix
Female Spyro X Male Reader X Cynderby Winter Phoenix
A human in the dragon lands most don't believe it until they met you they again no dragon believed you would be a threat to Malefor but you helped in ending him no male...
  • grandparents
  • weapons
  • spyro
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Decisions by jessica20964
Decisionsby Jessica
Scarlet is seventeen, pregnant, and alone. She made the decision of not telling the father and also her parents. Why would she tell the father? Ben is the biggest man-wh...
  • hate
  • baby
  • love
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Southern Avenue by UnknownDee
Southern Avenueby UnknownDee
Walks down the lane, she could see herself grow older and wiser in those paths she had once followed. The lanes which gave her a life when life failed her. The lanes we...
  • life
  • romance
  • lovestory
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Her smile by jeregnan81
Her smileby jeremie gnanalingam
"I am currently in a coffee shop at the airport of Edinburgh. Yazhini should have taken her flight by now. I could have gone home. However, I want to stay to type...
  • grandparents
  • thiruvila
  • emotional
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Fun Stories for Kid's by playwithmeABC123
Fun Stories for Kid'sby play with me
Hey kid's, It's your good pale Teddy. Got five bedtime story's made just for you. ABC 123 Let's read!!!
  • parents
  • grandparent
  • babies
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The Ocean by FlaminFire
The Oceanby Someone You Know
I am girl who loves her island and I really love the sea. I can hear it call me.
  • drama
  • auliicravalho
  • hawaii
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Brothers,Mothers,Fathers And Sisters by clom118
Brothers,Mothers,Fathers And clom118
A true story based on my life. Please read it and vote. X
  • votes
  • reallife
  • cancerstories
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Giving it up  by kuzziya
Giving it up by 💕💕
Big city girl. And country boy. When Amanda Cernies parents send her to her grandparents, taking away everything so she could live a little. Amanda hates everything, ex...
  • teen
  • boy
  • country
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She's The Girl Next Door (MAJOR EDITING) by Queen_Geek
She's The Girl Next Door (MAJOR Queen_Geek
'Bad Boys Ain't Good But Good Boys Ain't No Fun.' I looked behind me. "Ace Ford." Autumn retorted in disgust "Every girls 'dream guy'." She shook her...
  • good
  • bad
  • sarcastic
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Seventh Bite of the Cherry by FairoNeko
Seventh Bite of the Cherryby FairoNeko
In the world of an Otome Game titled: {Icing on the Cake} The maid (a commoner) declares: "I will give you a lesson!" ...What kind of lesson? (Ding Dong) «Care...
  • maid
  • fantasy
  • oneshot
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You + Me = Family by Ruechari
You + Me = Familyby Ruechari
A poetic collection celebrating the wonders, joy, and blessing that is Family. If you are reading this story on any other platform other than Wattpad you are very likely...
  • family
  • home
  • children
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When Wolves Cry by untitlednovelist
When Wolves Cryby untitlednovelist
After her mom's death, Cleo finds herself living in the family home her mom ran from years ago. She thinks she'll be there until she figures out this new life, or more l...
  • novel
  • newadult
  • longlostfamily
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The Belgian Adventure by Shruti612
The Belgian Adventureby Shruti Sinha
Sibling bonding. Close friendships. Near-death experience. Lakeside picnic. Farming with grandparents. Exploring a castle. Befriending a heir. ...
  • indianliteraryawards
  • chateaux
  • sister
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MENU by RGH2018
MENUby Robin G Howard
An unusual disturbance in the structure of space flings Jim Long space agent and crew into a strange dimension. The beings they encounter are frail and beautiful in mind...
  • adults
  • fantasy
  • horror
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Holly West Aka Galaxy  by ashowl123457
Holly West Aka Galaxy by Ash
Holly west also known as galaxy. Came from the future just like her great grandpa did years ago,she was only 1 at the time but her great grandpa took her back in time to...
  • fun
  • youngjustice
  • siblings
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Love and football  by kaepernicks7
Love and football by kaepernicks7
About a single mom who would do anything for her child.
  • football
  • daddy
  • colinkaepernick
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Reach For the Stars by QueenVigilance
Reach For the Starsby Queen Vigilance
"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world...
  • depressed
  • lonely
  • forgotten
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