Born Killer (Editing) by Bubble7770
Born Killer (Editing)by Bubble
•<Previously named The Assassin>• Zoey Carson was not a normal girl. In fact, ever since she was little, and ever since her beloved brother died, she was different...
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  • kill
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We Love You, Master~...(Fate/GO x Male Reader) by KingJayJay82
We Love You, Master~...(Fate/GO Nico Nico WRYYYYY!!!
(Y/N) is a new student at Chaldea and little did he know that something was going to happen causing him to go on many adventures.
  • reader-insert
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Blade by OccupiedSoul_
Bladeby A. Soul
"I swear to god!" Blade pleaded and cried, trying to break free from the masked man's grip, "Let her go! It's me you want...not her." "Sadly,&qu...
  • book
  • bbw
  • maturescenes
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Chilling with the OCs by DeadMC55
Chilling with the OCsby Laughing Dead
The sequel book of Chilling with Wade and Dead
  • rwby
  • halostuff
  • arbiter
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Shadamy: Epic New Love .:Editing:. by karlcool2001
Shadamy: Epic New Love Kãrłëÿ M.
Amy Rose; always remembered as Sonic The Hedgehog's #1 fangirl, but 3 years away from her home and friends, changes her almost instantly. Everyone gave up hope on her co...
  • karley
  • soul
  • rich
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Horror dolls and puppets boyfriend scenarios   by fairyemoprincess
Horror dolls and puppets fairyemoprincess
From horror movie dolls to living dead dolls More coming soon
  • romance
  • doll
  • dead
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❮❮ This Knight Belongs to You❯❯ Shallura by NARWHALBABE
❮❮ This Knight Belongs to You❯❯ A Mess
❝I give you my life, Princess Allura. Forever and Always❞ On a planet far away is the kingdom of Altea. There lives a young princess who will soon be crowned Queen. Afte...
  • blade
  • fanfiction
  • voltron
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The Girl and the Shark by Chimera98
The Girl and the Sharkby Wackadoodle
We all know the classic, Little Mermaid. The mermaid falls in love with the prince. But in this story, the princess falls in love with the shark. Ember Baine leads a no...
  • romance
  • swimming
  • mystery
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The Crown Is Yours by HPTimeTurner
The Crown Is Yoursby Time Turner
In a land of magic and gold, a cruel king rules with an iron fist. In the midst of poor and starving citizens, Princess Guinevere feels like the only one who sees how de...
  • crown
  • crime
  • castle
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The Five Great Nature's Origin Story by JDBeats
The Five Great Nature's Origin The Fanfic Daddy
This story is takin a little step back with how everybody met. This is a sequel to the Naruto orgin stories I have made. So enjoy.
  • blade
  • azure
  • midnight
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Bane's Silver Queen (18+) #2 in Rian Series by 74storm
Bane's Silver Queen (18+) #2 in 74storm
** Book 2 in the 'Rian Series'. Following on from "Bane's Blayde" ** "Thanks to that witch, I'll have to... 'be' with another alpha and exchange blood so...
  • hurt-comfort
  • mature
  • priestess
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Fate/GO Oneshots (Requests Open) by KingJayJay82
Fate/GO Oneshots (Requests Open)by Nico Nico WRYYYYY!!!
Oneshots from Fate/GO series
  • malereader
  • kaleid
  • romance
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WHY ?! My rape story. by 0riv3r
WHY ?! My rape Jocelyne
Why ? I never asked for anything, i was only 14 and you abused me and left me to cope with the pain...
  • blood
  • scream
  • note
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My Opinions on Ships!!  by Young__Author
My Opinions on Ships!! by JAYED
Literally my opinions on ships. Because I can!!! Comment ships for me to give my opinion on. Only for certain fandoms. Steven Universe. Gravity Falls. Young Justice. DC...
  • dannyphantom
  • blade
  • gravityfalls
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[Beyblade Burst/FreeValt]-Cậu nhân viên ngây thơ và tổng tài"sói"ca!!! by Luri-kun_Lhlsct
[Beyblade Burst/FreeValt]-Cậu nhâ Luri Chitoru
Mô tả cái qq :>>> Thôi đùa tí....:))))))) Kể về cậu nhân viên mới ngây thơ ngốc nghếch-Aoi Valt và tổng tài "sói" ca Free dela Hoya:333..... Thích H...
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ᴄʀɪsᴀɴᴛᴇᴍᴏ    |    ɪɴᴀᴢᴜᴍᴀ ᴇʟᴇᴠᴇɴ ɢᴏ! by AtsukoAnpan
ᴄʀɪsᴀɴᴛᴇᴍᴏ | ɪɴᴀᴢᴜᴍᴀ ᴇʟᴇᴠᴇɴ ●EL ARROCITO DE MI SOÑADOR●
∞FANFICTION INAZUMA ELEVEN GO AU∞ ∞OC∞ Los crisantemos, flores fuertes y bellas. Aquella excepción era bella, pura, con una vida justamente larga como la de cualquier br...
  • escolar
  • inazuma
  • tsurugikyosuke
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Born To Kill by EHNathasia
Born To Killby E. H. Nathasia
A woman destined to be a killer
  • sword
  • female
  • blood
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Bad to the Bone || A Mad Max Fury Road Fan Fiction. *COMPLETED* by Deagger123
Bad to the Bone || A Mad Max Deaghan McLeod
***EDITING*** I'm bad at coming up with words, and even worse at saying them aloud. I guess I can't come up with anything to say because there's nothing to tell... Not a...
  • capable
  • immortanjoe
  • cheedo
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pjs ❷ | to the stars by -kikoeru
pjs ❷ | to the starsby 『 — 』
she was the scattered stars that lit his dark nights. [nct duology] 02 credits to @straykidzbop for the cover previously called hiraeth edited 10.07.17
  • leedonghyuck
  • haechan
  • choichaeryin
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My Husband is a Vampire by shanxmg
My Husband is a Vampireby S🌌
[ONGOING] -s h e e e y n m g
  • blade
  • wattys2018
  • comedy
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