Returned by BillieJay3
Returnedby Middle Renea
Book 2 of the stolen collection. Blake's baby. After being returned to her home, Jade is pretty much lost in her life. How can someone go from being pampered, loved, and...
  • love
  • blade
  • kidnapping
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Mississippi Queen (Sam & Dean Winchester x Abigail Whistler) by insaneredhead
Mississippi Queen (Sam & Dean insaneredhead
*SLOW UPDATES* Abi was raised by her father in the life after her mother was killed in a house fire when she was a baby. She's always been talented at hunting, as if s...
  • abigailwhistler
  • lucifer
  • sam
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Born Killer (Editing) by Bubble7770
Born Killer (Editing)by Bubble
•<Previously named The Assassin>• Zoey Carson was not a normal girl. In fact, ever since she was little, and ever since her beloved brother died, she was different...
  • intoaction
  • blade
  • kill
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We Love You, Master~...(Fate/GO x Male Reader) by KingJayJay82
We Love You, Master~...(Fate/GO Nico Nico WRYYYYY!!!
(Y/N) is a new student at Chaldea and little did he know that something was going to happen causing him to go on many adventures.
  • lemon
  • anime
  • reader-insert
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Blade by OccupiedSoul_
Bladeby Analyse D.
"I swear to god!" Blade pleaded and cried, trying to break free from the masked man's grip, "Let her go! It's me you want...not her." "Sadly,&qu...
  • wattpad
  • badboy
  • blade
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Chilling with the OCs: Twisted Metal Edition by DeadMC55
Chilling with the OCs: Twisted Mr Dead
Back with the OCs but now Twisted Metal is in town. Randomness, cars, bullets, and EXPLOSIONS!!!!
  • dark
  • wade
  • chilling
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The Girl and the Shark by Chimera98
The Girl and the Sharkby DilEmma
We all know the classic, Little Mermaid. The mermaid falls in love with the prince. But in this story, the princess falls in love with the shark. Ember Baine leads a no...
  • blade
  • little
  • swimming
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pjs ❷ | to the stars by -kikoeru
pjs ❷ | to the starsby b e l l a v i d a
she was the scattered stars that lit his dark nights. [nct duology] 02 credits to @straykidzbop for the cover previously called hiraeth edited 10.07.17
  • spinoff
  • hiraeth
  • parkjisung
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Dear Bully by okisarah
Dear Bullyby Sarah
"Dear Bully, Why me? -Ellie xx" « #975 in Short Story 1/2/18 » « #839 in Short Story 18/2/18 » COVER CREDITS: @Sasha_919
  • bitch
  • hurt
  • school
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The Four Kings (BNHA X Male Reader) by ZhenXian8
The Four Kings (BNHA X Male Reader)by CoffeeGuy
What happens when a bastard decides to release the undead, making them walking on the land again?
  • bnha
  • xmalereader
  • tokusatsu
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Blade: Fatal Blood by Jodecibadboyz
Blade: Fatal Bloodby Jodecibadboyz
Blade has never fell in love in his blood hunting life, when he ran into a badass vampire hunter, Akira Dracula, he starts to feel something he never felt before, but wi...
  • blade
  • aaliyah
  • wesleysnipes
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Shadamy: Epic New Love .:Editing:. by karlcool2001
Shadamy: Epic New Love Kãrłëÿ M.
Amy Rose; always remembered as Sonic The Hedgehog's #1 fangirl, but 3 years away from her home and friends, changes her almost instantly. Everyone gave up hope on her co...
  • makarose
  • combat
  • mansion
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Born To Kill by EHNathasia
Born To Killby E. H. Nathasia
A woman destined to be a killer
  • sword
  • tattoo
  • blade
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Blade of Beasts by PowerOfStories
Blade of Beastsby Fatima Jaward
Fantasy/Romance/Drama/War/ Orabelle is heart broken after her village is burned to the ground by the Demon Queen Lamia. She and her childhood best friend, Daren, escape...
  • drama
  • dark
  • sword
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WHY ?! My rape story. by 0riv3r
WHY ?! My rape Jocelyne
Why ? I never asked for anything, i was only 14 and you abused me and left me to cope with the pain...
  • suicide
  • wattys2018
  • agony
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My little vampire | harry styles  by _minshooky
My little vampire | harry styles by certified fangirl ❤️
"you're demented!" he snapped "you're sadistic!" i yelled "fucking psycho!" he hissed "fucking lunatic!" i screamed
  • vampire
  • zaynmalik
  • niallhoran
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Bane's Silver Queen (18+) #2 in Rian Series by 74storm
Bane's Silver Queen (18+) #2 in 74storm
** Book 2 in the 'Rian Series'. Following on from "Bane's Blayde"!** "Thanks to that witch, I'll have to... be with another alpha and exchange blood, so m...
  • fightforlove
  • alpha
  • love
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Blade Series: Blade Becomes a Half-Ghost (A Danny Phantom Fanfic) by KaitoRin1
Blade Series: Blade Becomes a KaitoRin1
Here again once more with another Fanfic of my own character Kaitlyn/Blade. Kaitlyn has travelled to yet again another world but this one is different to the others, bec...
  • ghost
  • phantom
  • fanfic
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Eternity  by Harley_Q
Eternity by Harley_Q
When he was given the curse of The Devil. She was given the curse of The Slayer. They were damned together, forever. The story Bram Stoker gave us was just a fairytal...
  • dracula
  • underworld
  • demons
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One Drop Of Blood (Poem) by FatCarrot222
One Drop Of Blood (Poem)by Fat Carrot
This is a poem about how I felt and how some other people will feel. I hope you can feel the meaning of this poem.
  • suicide
  • poetry
  • red
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