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Pen Your Pride


Returned by BillieJay3
Returnedby Billie Jay
Book 2 of the stolen collection. Blake's baby. After being returned to her home, Jade is pretty much lost in her life. How can someone go from being pampered, loved, and...
  • stolen
  • kidnapping
  • billiejay3
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Mississippi Queen (Sam & Dean Winchester x Abigail Whistler) by insaneredhead
Mississippi Queen (Sam & Dean insaneredhead
*SLOW UPDATES* Abi was raised by her father in the life after her mother was killed in a house fire when she was a baby. She's always been talented at hunting, as if s...
  • dean
  • supernatural
  • spn
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Chilling with the OCs by DeadMC55
Chilling with the OCsby Laughing Dead
The sequel book of Chilling with Wade and Dead
  • blade
  • random
  • halostuff
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Sword Art Online: Yuiki Story (Being edited) by keybladewielder16
Sword Art Online: Yuiki Story ( keybladewielder16
Yuiki Moto is a twelve year old girl who loves virtual reality games and when she hears about Sword Art Online her parents buy her the game they all login to play, when...
  • kirito
  • yui
  • asuna
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Dear Bully by okisarah
Dear Bullyby Sarah
"Dear Bully, Why me? -Ellie xx" « #975 in Short Story 1/2/18 » « #839 in Short Story 18/2/18 » COVER CREDITS: @Sasha_919
  • cutting
  • feature
  • heartbreak
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My Opinions on Ships!!  by Young__Author
My Opinions on Ships!! by JAYED
Literally my opinions on ships. Because I can!!! Comment ships for me to give my opinion on. Only for certain fandoms. Steven Universe. Gravity Falls. Young Justice. DC...
  • httyd
  • teentitans
  • blade
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Bane's Silver Queen (18+) #2 in Rian Series by 74storm
Bane's Silver Queen (18+) #2 in 74storm
** Book 2 in the 'Rian Series'. Following on from "Bane's Blayde" ** "Thanks to that witch, I'll have to... 'be' with another alpha and exchange blood so...
  • queen
  • strong-female-character
  • horror
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❮❮ This Knight Belongs to You❯❯ Shallura by NARWHALBABE
❮❮ This Knight Belongs to You❯❯ Emotionally Unstable
❝I give you my life, Princess Allura. Forever and Always❞ On a planet far away is the kingdom of Altea. There lives a young princess who will soon be crowned Queen. Afte...
  • knights
  • zarkon
  • klance
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WHY ?! My rape story. by DisturbedKawaii
WHY ?! My rape Jocelyne
Why ? I never asked for anything, i was only 14 and you abused me and left me to cope with the pain...
  • scream
  • bullet
  • kids
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❝ HOPE ❞ ➥ NICHOLAS SIMMONS. [ybn nahmir.] by unfriendlybrat
❝ HOPE ❞ ➥ NICHOLAS SIMMONS. [ wing ridden angel
❝SHE KEEP CRYING EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.❞ in which he tried to save her, but was too late. ©︎ R1OTGRL 2018, all rights reserved. steal my shit, get hit with a bat.
  • highschool
  • xxxtentacion
  • blood
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Born To Kill by EHNathasia
Born To Killby E. H. Nathasia
A woman destined to be a killer
  • female
  • tattoo
  • sword
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Eyesight///e.g.d by annpann1234
Eyesight///e.g.dby annpann1234
Ethan///a boy who knows his way around town smacking a stick on the floor. Sienna///a girl who sits at a cafe' everyday, same table, same time; everyday. She always wond...
  • cut
  • café
  • ethandolan
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Project Anima by TheMaskedPhantom
Project Animaby Jan Renz Medina
Sixteen-year old Tristan Lockwood suddenly finds himself inside a Virtual Reality game named Defiant Sins Online. And the problem? He has no idea how he ended up there...
  • blade
  • reality
  • anime
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Horror dolls and puppets boyfriend scenarios   by fairyemoprincess
Horror dolls and puppets fairyemoprincess
From horror movie dolls to living dead dolls More coming soon
  • blade
  • silent
  • ldd
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Hell by HayleyButler32
Hellby Hayley Butler
When a call is made to Ashley Dover from her older brother in jail, her life takes unexpected turn. Without taking his call serious, she becomes involved in a huge gang...
  • trigger
  • sneaky
  • explode
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Adopted By Andy Biersack by shawnmendeslover1900
Adopted By Andy Biersackby shawnmendeslover1900
13 year old Kitty Smith was abused by her dad when she was 3 she found out about bvb ptv sws botdf Omam and all them by her friends at age 10. Her dad goes to jail but p...
  • blade
  • 2017wattyawards
  • jinxx
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Beyblade (the second forbidden Bey) by blacklightning3
Beyblade (the second forbidden Bey)by black lightning
What did you honestly think that L-drago was the only forbidden bey in existence..... no no no There's another
  • malereader
  • reader
  • bey
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Depression by -iFeelFine
Depressionby Hannah
A book about depression quotes since I've been depressed for a long time now. Enjoy.
  • trigger
  • guy
  • fat
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