Dirty Confessions by TTMAMA987oi
Dirty Confessionsby X♡X♡
it means what it means. dirty confessions. you can send me one in private message and i can post it but your name will be left out of it. You will be anonymous. Or it do...
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Lose Control | Book 1 by ashley_niccole
Lose Control | Book 1by Ashley
COMPLETED ❝It is so hard to stay away from you, but I know I need too. But the thing is, I can't help myself around you. You make me lose all the control and senses I ha...
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♡♢♡THE BOOK OF TODODEKU ONE SHOTS♡♢♡ by mahiru_is_best_uke
♡♢♡THE BOOK OF TODODEKU ONE SHOTS♡ queen.of.boy.ukes
These are one shots of tododeku (todorokixizuku)will be posting once a week.wright down in the comments for one shot requests.they are greatly appreciated.
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john wayne,  celeb confessions by biconthor
john wayne, celeb confessionsby annoyed!
-violent delights have violent ends
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Crushing on Royalty (The Cuttings #1) [To Be Reconstructed] by ESchwarz
Crushing on Royalty (The Miss Schwarz
Keller Blakely has issues with dating. It's not her fault the reason for that was due to her disastrous blind date with the devilishly handsome Michael Cutting, who turn...
  • goodread
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Kendall Jenner  by catastrophically_
Kendall Jenner by Ken-doll
short imagines. alternate universe. facts. preferences. messages. photos. everything about kendall jenner.
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Confessions From An Asian Boy by archertypes
Confessions From An Asian Boyby fury
❝Yes, I'm an Asian boy. No, my eyes don't disappear when I smile.❞ Just another series of confessions & rants from an Asian boy, no big deal. #15 in Random | [05.02.17] ...
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CRYBABY, lauren.
now i know, you should go.
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He Needs Love (Jason Voorhees Fanfic)  by Queen_Cutie_Senpai
He Needs Love (Jason Voorhees Cutie Dandere
As a child, you were treated unfairly with people hurting your feelings, self-esteem and your being and you always wondered if there was something wrong with you. The tr...
  • innocentlove
  • love
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A Confession || Bakugou x Todoroki (BNHA) by Kingexplosionmrder
A Confession || Bakugou x Kingexplosionmrder
Todoroki tries to explain, "I like you. Like, romantically-" "I fucking heard you, damnit! I'm asking why you would say shit like that?!" Bakugou gro...
  • bakutodo
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First Blush by akatsuki_tsukiyomi
First Blushby Nakashima Yumi
Status: Ongoing Anime: Hetalia Pairing: Various/Reader Requests: open/accepting --- There's a certain way to get your requested one shot included in this book. R...
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Meant To Be Married by jobless_dreamer
Meant To Be Marriedby Asmita
Sequel to The Heartless Handsome- you need to read that book first :) ❁ "When I thought married life wouldn't be that bad...I was wrong"- Aruna Mathur ❁ If you...
  • sequel
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Anonymous Sex Confessions by what_do_i_ship
Anonymous Sex Confessionsby Jurassic Farts
Basically a book where you guys send me your weirdest sexual fantasies/experiences/accidents (and etc)for me to publish. I'm just making this book because I've seen the...
  • sexual
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anyone can encounter unexpected moments when applying or creating applyfics ✧ + a book for advice and helping promoting applyfics
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An Unbreakable Bond (My French Teacher Claims I'm His Mate - book 2) by La_Rose_Semsem
An Unbreakable Bond (My French La_Rose_Semsem
"No matter how unfit I know I am for you; no matter how unworthy I know I am of you... I love you!" She confessed. "It's I who is unworthy of you, cara.&q...
  • royals
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OSCAR. ( CONFESSIONS ) by onmyblockcommunity
OSCAR. ( CONFESSIONS )by on my block !!
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Issues and Opinions by MJamesonOfficial
Issues and Opinionsby Michael Jameson
A place where I share my views and we debate.
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Act Your Age! ➯ Stand By Me by riversjude
Act Your Age! ➯ Stand By Meby 𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙖𝙝
Everything Stand By Me! Gif imagines, preferences, imagines, zodiacs, confessions, fanfiction recommendations, etc.
  • jerryoconell
  • gordielachance
  • 80s
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Male Rivals x Reader One Shots by VintageCakeCherries
Male Rivals x Reader One Shotsby VintageCakeCherries
Yandere Simulator Male Rivals, since there is not many fan-fics about them enjoy
  • reader
  • exciting
  • yandere
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