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Set Fire to The Rain -- Completed by MercyRose
Set Fire to The Rain -- Completedby Tara
Hope was born bearing the mark of the Lyric. She has known all her life about the odd shaped birthmark on the back of her neck but never knew what it truly stood for...
  • epic
  • color
  • dream
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Always (Roronoa Zoro One Piece FanFic) by Catnistic
Always (Roronoa Zoro One Piece feline.
Don't read this book I'm editing it okay! EDITING! Plus this is a bad blurb :'( White as a Sala flower, tall as the pine tree, this oddity of nature will swing her swor...
  • onepieceanime
  • spontaneous
  • rum
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You've Got Mail by HasiVA
You've Got Mailby Hasini
I get emails everyday, so I decided to make a collection of them. Check them out! DISCLAIMER: ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RELEVANT MAILERS. I JUST COLLECT THE EMAILS.
  • hopes
  • question
  • hewlett
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Spy IMing by -ANDI-
Spy IMingby Andi
Fan Fiction for the Gallagher Girls series. Cammie "the Chameleon" Morgan and her friends are introduced to an online chat program for spies only right before...
  • frighten
  • plan
  • imply
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Blonde Jokes. by nataliecw
Blonde Natalie
Blonde Jokes :) if you think they're funny, you can tell them to your friends :)
  • ride
  • ice
  • brunette
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the colour of mirrors by Potato190505
the colour of mirrorsby Potato190505
because there's only ever a moment, in between the waiting and the ones who are waited for.
  • gay
  • morning
  • suicide
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Windows by leepcat
Windowsby J. C. Leeper
Take a stroll through the mind of a mysterious man hiding a daunting secret. (Revision in Process)
  • separation
  • secret
  • homeless
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Windows by ameandherstories
Windowsby Ame
Dorian Gray is dead. This is slightly inconvenient, but at least he's wound up in a seemingly-endless void full of glowing magical photos. Things could definitely be wor...
  • hamlet
  • photographs
  • timetravel
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Fake Windows Error Messages I Made Cuz Why Not OwO by BlehIsATermForStupid
Fake Windows Error Messages I ★❦❣Logan Fangirl❣❦★
  • error
  • windows
At his window  by Cookie_Bagel
At his window by Cookie
Little carter is afraid of a lot of things. He encounters something that every child fears. He wakes up to his worst nightmare.
  • windows
  • creepy
  • horror
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Windows( cp story) by Scarlettfrost11
Windows( cp story)by Scarlettfrost11
  • creepypasta
  • slenderbrothers
  • windows (A Team Hot Wheels Series) by Hyperior-Windowsill
#12 (A #YShambirSquad
Team Hot Wheels, a group of awesome racers live in a city called Hot Wheels City... They've fought against Dragons, Monsters, Giant Abe Lincolns... ...But Now... They Mu...
  • brandon
  • mini-series
  • teamhotwheels
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Window's by Kat_TheGarmauShipper
Window'sby X.anxious_kitty.X
This is a short dystopian fiction because at the moment I'm not very into my stories because my ideas are dumb so I'm writing short stories so that I don't have enough t...
  • dystopian
  • windows
  • sad
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Windows | horan one shot ✔ by ewhkylie
Windows | horan one shot ✔by maybe i'm a mermaid
" wszystko okay? " " taa, Lola jak zawsze, nie przejmuj się :)"
  • fanfiction
  • love
  • niall
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Stockholm Sydrome ~ Luke Hemmings FanFic by dancing-with-death
Stockholm Sydrome ~ Luke Sienna
I've been kidnapped. But for the right reasons? I don't know, all that i do know is i'm okay with never leaving.
  • windows
  • princess
  • little
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Windows - Jungkook x reader |1| by Nunni_T
Windows - Jungkook x reader |1|by Julie Thonesen
You just finished unpacking the last box in your new room and decided to take a shower. You changed, got your things and headed to the bathroom, but before you could wal...
  • windows
  • btsfanfic
  • jungkook
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MLG Bill Gates by Giann77
MLG Bill Gatesby Giann77
Find out how Bill Gates changed the world. (All of this is mostly made up) Edit: Book two of MLG bill gates is now out! Make sure to read that one too!
  • funny
  • humor
  • windows
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Teen Minds, and Peer-Pressured Hearts by taylorinwonderland
Teen Minds, and Peer-Pressured Taylor
A young teenager gets peer-pressured into doing drugs, drinking alcohol, going to parties, and sneaking out.
  • families
  • nauseas
  • ocean
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... by angelicytt
#19 angelicytt
  • windows
  • xbox
  • android
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We'll Run When the Rain Stop's (One Direction Fan Story) by ThatOlivia
We'll Run When the Rain Stop's ( Olivia Jane
Olivia and Her friends are just a bunch of 'Normal' Teenage girls, they Laugh alot and constally tease each other. but what happens when 5 boys barrel into their lives...
  • justin
  • comments
  • photos
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