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She Was Ugly by Amber_1217_Roth
She Was Uglyby Book_Worm_31
17 year old Athena Jennings has always been the ugly duckling of her family. She's accepted it. The kids at school haven't. She's constantly being bullied by Leo and his...
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Swan Queen Once Shots by yellowbugsavior
Swan Queen Once Shotsby yellowbugsavior
This will be a series of one shots all put together. Each chapter will be a new story unless it says Part 1, that means the next chapter will be an add on. Some of th...
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Wingman by im_over_itt
Wingmanby Your homie
"When the line between being beautiful and ugly blurs."
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Face Reveal by spainlord
Face Revealby spainlord
Spainlord does a face reveal.
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SwanQueen "To love a Dark heart" by LesbianForParrilla
SwanQueen "To love a Dark heart"by Mal
In the enchanted forest Regina the queen to be is broken and manipulated. she will never find freedom or love until she meets a stranger in the forest Swan is her name...
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The Ugly Duckling | BTS x Lisa by ARMYBLINK27
The Ugly Duckling | BTS x Lisaby ARMYBLINK27
Lisa is Born in Thailand but when she was 5 yrs. old she and her family migrated in Korea.Ever since she started to go to school,her classmates would always bully her.Bu...
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But She's Ugly / The New Girl [ON HOLD] by do_not_disturb_meh
But She's Ugly / The New Girl [ do_not_disturb_meh
But She's Ugly : Evan Beckens is popular, and HOT. Like extremely HOT. So what's he doing with a girl like Ava? For a bet? But she's ugly! Follow a girl named Ava, as th...
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For the Love of Patra by Jaspira
For the Love of Patraby Jaspira
(Wattys 2018 Long List) This is not your typical beautiful princess story. Nope, Patra is a princess, body shamed and spent most of her young life trying to get over it...
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Back and Badass by Story_Writer_05
Back and Badassby Story_Writer_05
Rae has always been the outcast. The nerd. The ugly duckling, always ignored by her classmates. What happens when she breaks free and people start to notice her? Is it a...
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Insanity ↠  Byun Baekhyun by atomicperson
Insanity ↠ Byun Baekhyunby Minseokspillow
Byun Baekhyun X Kim Eunbyul Insanity ; Noun "It might be pure insanity to fall in love with you"
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The Glowing Then and Now by xianyaaa
The Glowing Then and Nowby xianyaaa
Aurora was bullied and teased because of her weight. She had crooked teeth and only a few friends. However, at the age of eighteen Aurora blooms into a beautiful girl th...
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You're Disgusting   ↛  miraculous au by rxseartist
You're Disgusting ↛ sugarnette
Marinette with her hair down edit was made by: @TheLadyblog (in their Miraculous Hairdressers book) please check them out! ►🅤🅖🅛🅨 ◄ Marinette was called this horrible...
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Loving Through Glass   by Lyssagirl7686
Loving Through Glass by Alyssa Anne
This story was an entry in Target's OnceUpon Contest, because of this, and a 10,000 word limit all together, it is a lot faster than most stories. If you aren't into a r...
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Forgiving the Alpha  by TheGirlInRedKurti
Forgiving the Alpha by TheGirlInRedKurti
His body shook in all its glory. He was going to do it. "I, Nixon Raymond, of the Dusk Pack with Goddess as my witness reject you, Fayre Medlum as my mate and futur...
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Best Served Cold by xxLadyKnight
Best Served Coldby xxLadyKnight
WARNING: May contain traces of cliche, overdramatic and/or cheesy romance. Do not consume if you have allergies to cliche, drama or lactose. Kat Summers is sick of bad b...
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Face Reveal by Xamira666
Face Revealby Xamira
It's a joke
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THE UGLY DUCKLING © by charmedlavender
THE UGLY DUCKLING ©by Charmed Lavender
************************************************************************** (NICOLE ELISSE TRAIN) Remember the story about a duckling who failed in comparison to the beau...
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The Ugliest Duckling by amillionlifetimes
The Ugliest Ducklingby lifetimes <3
Ah, middle school. We meet again. For the third time, I come back to start another school year. The third time, but also the last time. Eighth Grade, my final year of mi...
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It's Tuesday! (Chameron fanfic) by aloncha_1114
It's Tuesday! (Chameron fanfic)by vic the fangirl!!
-The story starts out describing the moments at the end of Season three. Since Cameron or Chase were not seen in Season four very much, here is a remake of the story, an...
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The Ugly Ducklings Revenge?!! || ON HOLD  by Savagekyutiecake
The Ugly Ducklings Revenge?!! || Savagekyutiecake
Xiu Mei Hua our protoganist, died with a heavy loathing and disdain. She was very kind, intelligent, talented, honest and hardworking that there's not even a single flaw...
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