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She Was Ugly by Amber_1217_Roth
She Was Uglyby Book_Worm_31
17 year old Athena Jennings has always been the ugly duckling of her family. She's accepted it. The kids at school haven't. She's constantly being bullied by Leo and his...
  • wattys2019
  • glowup
  • bullying
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The Golden System by potato_gab
The Golden Systemby gabby
(ONGOING) •• Welcome to a world where people are labeled and justified by their outer appearances. A world where your outer looks determine your place in the future. Sch...
  • teenfiction
  • boyxgirl
  • wattys2019
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Wingman by im_over_itt
Wingmanby Your homie
"When the line between being beautiful and ugly blurs."
  • jealousy
  • goodgirl
  • uglybetty
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Face Reveal  by spainlord
Face Reveal by spainlord
Spainlord does a face reveal.
  • details
  • dumb
  • badass
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His Other One  by starlily1
His Other One by starlily1
Follow Taylor as she maneuvers in a new world where vampires inhabit, secret roams and danger is never far behind. The story of a girl who doesn't believe in her self wo...
  • cold
  • vampiremate
  • dark
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FACE REVEAL by -fuck_love-
FACE REVEALby ~life is pointless~
so i said im ugly asfff but ig ill let you judge that for yourself so here we go behold my ugliness WARNING ITS SCARY HOW UGLY I AM highest ranking- #1 of 109 in #uglyt...
  • face
  • girl
  • cute
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Back and Badass by Story_Writer_05
Back and Badassby Story_Writer_05
Rae has always been the outcast. The nerd. The ugly duckling, always ignored by her classmates. What happens when she breaks free and people start to notice her? Is it a...
  • bullystory
  • teenfiction
  • uglyduckling
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I used to be ugly by etphonehome94
I used to be uglyby emmanuelle
"I fell in love with the funny Alexander Matthews. Last night I dreamed that he was in my teapot." - The Daily Tale "About as enjoyable as bei...
  • uglyduckling
  • makeover
  • transformation
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Swan Queen Once Shots by yellowbugsavior
Swan Queen Once Shotsby yellowbugsavior
This will be a series of one shots all put together. Each chapter will be a new story unless it says Part 1, that means the next chapter will be an add on. Some of th...
  • ouatfanfic
  • thesavior
  • evilregals
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I Want You by swanqueenfanfics
I Want Youby ouatlover
Regina Mills in like to be the CEO of Mills & Co once her mother retires and she's in the look for a new PA what happens when Emma Swan starts looking for a job?
  • onceuponatime
  • completed
  • davidnolan
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SwanQueen "To love a Dark heart" by LesbianForParrilla
SwanQueen "To love a Dark heart"by Mal
In the enchanted forest Regina the queen to be is broken and manipulated. she will never find freedom or love until she meets a stranger in the forest Swan is her name...
  • emmaswan
  • swanqueen
  • uglyducklings
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The Ugly Duckling | BTS x Lisa by ARMYBLINK27
The Ugly Duckling | BTS x Lisaby ARMYBLINK27
Lisa is Born in Thailand but when she was 5 yrs. old she and her family migrated in Korea.Ever since she started to go to school,her classmates would always bully her.Bu...
  • btsxblackpinklisa
  • btssuga
  • btsjungkook
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The Incredibly Blue Adventure of Two Merboys in Love by marafynn
The Incredibly Blue Adventure of Frank Feliz
Dillon just met his sister, Brynne, for the first time before he finds himself lost at sea. A "kiss" wakes him in a whole new way, and he meets a mysterious bu...
  • ace
  • merboy
  • fairytale
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THE UGLY DUCKLING © by charmedlavender
THE UGLY DUCKLING ©by Charmed Lavender
************************************************************************** (NICOLE ELISSE TRAIN) Remember the story about a duckling who failed in comparison to the beau...
  • bullystory
  • uglyduckling
  • love
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Mч вσσk by taebaetae_1030
Mч вσσkby ➻❥sɐʎBAE
Thís ís whєrє shє wrítєs. . Eиנσу!
  • hot
  • ugliness
  • reveal
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The Beautiful Swan 👑 by YukuShipperss28
The Beautiful Swan 👑by Phia Caluning
si Clara Natalia DelaFuente. ang babaeng hindi mahilig mag ayos ng sarili yung papasok siya buhaghag ang naka salamin na parang si betty pero dahil sa isang lal...
  • tbs
  • uglyduckling
  • uglytoswan
Ugly Duckling Syndrome by FallenTanzy
Ugly Duckling Syndromeby Santana the Strange
Everyone has heard the ugly duckling story, of a grey little duck that grows up to be a magnificent swan. Yes Amara has heard this story many times, but it does not help...
  • heritage
  • egypt
  • seductive
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Insanity ↠  Byun Baekhyun by atomicperson
Insanity ↠ Byun Baekhyunby Minseokspillow
Byun Baekhyun X Kim Eunbyul Insanity ; Noun "It might be pure insanity to fall in love with you"
  • sehun
  • kai
  • kyungsoo
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My writing/art book #isterribleRIP by todayyyyy
My writing/art book #isterribleRIPby R⃟i⃟y⃟a⃟h⃟a⃟n⃟n⃟a⃟
Art just ar- wait it's not just art, NO it's, it's TRASH!!!
  • uglyduckling
  • book
  • art
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Goddess of Creation by litcells
Goddess of Creationby litcells
Story about a girl name Sakura. After being bullied for so long, her life turns around when she awakes from a coma of 2 months when she finds out she was no longer ugly...
  • romance
  • godly
  • bestbookever
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