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Shared Pain by swanqueenstories
Shared Painby SwanQueen❤️
Emma is married and has three kids when one day Regina moves to a house in her street. Her new neighbor locks herself out of the house and asks her for help, which leads...
Crossing Paths by swanqueenstories
Crossing Pathsby SwanQueen❤️
Right when both Emma and Regina are about to give up on dating, guys and romance, they meet each other. *This is a SwanQueen fanfiction *I don't own the characters they...
Lana Parrilla is my what??? by ouat_skylar
Lana Parrilla is my what???by Skylar <3
Lily is a foster child from London. She loves everything Lana Parrilla, and she loves the series Once upon a time. She looks up to Emma, as she believes they are the sam...
Regina's Daughter by TSHPOUAT
Regina's Daughterby TSHPOUAT
Regina's daughter. Sent away to our world at birth, grows up in New York as an orphan, and when the curse comes, she's in the hospital of Storybrooke. Starts after seaso...
Again by emilis56
Againby Bailey
Emilee Parrilla is the daughter of Lana Parrilla. But what happeneds when her moms boyfriend proposes? Will Emilee be okay with all the new changes? What will she do wh...
Oh really?  by ImDrPhil
Oh really? by ImDrPhil
what if Snow white had an older sister...who was the opposite of her meaner, quieter, and much more stronger...that caught Regina attention..
Why Her? by _Life4Lana_
Why Her?by EvilPanda
Lia Goodwin, Ginny's sister falls in love with none other than Lana Parrilla. A long and strong relationship hidden from the world finally is shown. But Lia didn't expec...
Falling for Lana Parrilla  by marlenefavela07
Falling for Lana Parrilla by Swanqueen4ever2
A girl sends Lana a gift after she receives a reply on a Twitter post. What happens when Lana wants to meet this fan in person, because she just has a gut feeling to me...
The lost daughter of the actress  by unexpected33itslee
The lost daughter of the actress by Unexpected33
2 year old girls gets kidnapped and grows thinking her kidnappers are her parents but when she turns 15 she discovers the truth.
Once Upon A Time Preferences by OnceRia
Once Upon A Time Preferencesby Ria
People: Regina Emma Snow Killian Henry Jefferson David Request open!!!
lana parilla x reader SMUT by rhodonite222
lana parilla x reader SMUTby Lyn
fem x fem one shots [smut/fluff] i started writing this at 2am pls excuse me :D (i go by they them pronouns btw)
I never told you... {Morrilla} [ENGLISH] by eileen_in_avalon
I never told you... {Morrilla} [ marie eileen lefay
What if one tiny tidy little message was the beginning of it all... ⚠ The story is all mine, I'm not pretending Lana and Jen are really dating (even if it would be aweso...
The Dream - Miss Mills by _anni_lana_
The Dream - Miss Millsby lana_love_parrilla_fan
(finished - for now) This was actually one of my dreams. It was about Regina Mills (from Ouat) being my new teacher. I wrote it like a story and wrote it a bit different...
Lana parilla love story by -_Galaxy_Nerd_-
Lana parilla love storyby Megan
I'm Lily and I'm in love with Lana Parrilla and I'm 23. I meet Lana Parrilla at comic con. It was on my birthday and my parents die in an car accident and now I live alo...
Lana Parrilla's daughter?! by lparrillax
Lana Parrilla's daughter?!by lparrilla.xx
Allison is a 15 year old girl and finds out that Lana Parrilla and Sean Maguire are her parents. How will her life be with her real parents back in her life?
Teach Me//Swanqueen by lanasparilla
Teach Me//Swanqueenby A lesbian witch🌈🔥
Regina Mills just Moved to Storybrooke, Main to start her final Schoolyear. What will happen once she Meets her blonde Teacher and can't seem to get her Out Of her mind...
Seana Oneshots by seanasthief
Seana Oneshotsby seanasthief
the title says it all! this'll be a collection of seana oneshots. feel free to leave some prompts and feedback, I'd really appreciate it! || seana fanfiction
Miss mills by evilregalkarly
Miss millsby evilregalkarly
Teacher x student fanfic Mature content
Daughter of a queen by Gabrielle412895
Daughter of a queenby LMP🖤
Daughter of Regina mills and Daniel colter she's raised by her Aunt Zelena when the Gang lands in the enchanted forest Zelena and her niece "welcome"them Regi...