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The Mischievous of Them All {OUAT/Henry Mills} [1] by Snowkat2003
The Mischievous of Them All { Snow
"Nothing is worth destroying yourself over, but if you are going to destroy yourself, make sure it is for something spectacular, make sure it is for yourself. There...
More than a Fan? -maike.gtz by maikegtz
More than a Fan? -maike.gtzby swanqueen
It's a story about lana and a fan. Do they fall in love? Do they become friends? Hope you like the story.
Different Beliefs by swanqueenstories
Different Beliefsby swanqueen
Emma has always been the quiet girl around school. No one knows anything about her. That is, until the popular girl Regina Mills suddenly starts talking to her, trying t...
Zelena's daughter (ouat) by prettybexana
Zelena's daughter (ouat)by bexana
When Rebecca Mader is asked to take care of her new co-star for a year, she becomes terrified of the new huge responsibility. Will their relationship become more than it...
The Knight  by harknxss
The Knight by sidneyak
Y/n is the first woman to ever be accepted into the Evil Queens armed forces. After a meeting with the Queen, will everything about y/n change?
Queen Wears Prada by FandomXWriterX
Queen Wears Pradaby CalzonaSwen💕
Emma Swan works at one of the richest companies in America and who owns it? None other than Regina Mills! Can Emma survive her job as well as all of the other obstacles...
Swan Queen Once Shots by yellowbugsavior
Swan Queen Once Shotsby yellowbugsavior
This will be a series of one shots all put together. Each chapter will be a new story unless it says Part 1, that means the next chapter will be an add on. Some of th...
You Are Going To Get Lost Trying To Find Your Way Home. (Swan Queen) by onceUponMyHeart
You Are Going To Get Lost Trying Shaanea
Swan Queen af. Emma is pregnant with Regina's child but before she gets a chance to tell her, Regina decides she needs to give Robin one more chance. Emma does what she...
Lana Parrilla is my what??? by ouat_skylar
Lana Parrilla is my what???by 🤍
Lily is a foster child from London. She loves everything Lana Parrilla, and she loves the series Once upon a time. She looks up to Emma, as she believes they are the sam...
ghost of you, 𝐫𝐞𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐬 by sadessinks
ghost of you, 𝐫𝐞𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐦𝐢𝐥� ❛ BEYONCÉ’S WIFE ❜
[ description ] ⤷ Regina lost the love of her life years ago, no not Daniel - Cassandra. Though it was a secret relationship, she had never loved someone more. A...
🦋✨OUAT Women Preferences/Gif Series✨🦋 by ImToleratedNotLiked
🦋✨OUAT Women Preferences/Gif Another Unsuccessful
This book is for the lovely women of Once Upon A Time since it is one of my favorite shows and there needs to be more stuff outthere written for the women Will Include:...
Falling for Lana Parrilla  by marlenefavela07
Falling for Lana Parrilla by Swanqueen4ever2
A girl sends Lana a gift after she receives a reply on a Twitter post. What happens when Lana wants to meet this fan in person, because she just has a gut feeling to me...
Mrs Parrilla is my mother!? by Whavey
Mrs Parrilla is my mother!?by Thirza <3
Eleonora is your average 17-year-old, you think. Mere seconds after being born her mother gives her away. The rich businessman Theo Jackson and his wife Emma find her, w...
Guilt by swanqueenstories
Guiltby swanqueen
Everyone copes differently with the strong feeling of guilt. For the one person, it's drinking. Another might feel better after gambling, and someone else might find joy...
Summer Parrillia Style by boredloser
Summer Parrillia Styleby OUAT
Meet Emma Parrilla, the daughter Lana Parrillia and so much more. Chapter one has a better description. :)
I can't believe it's you 2 by brynlee3112
I can't believe it's you 2by BrynleeIvie
Despite the blindfold she knew exactly where she was. She's been in the room before. She was in there for about 2 years before she was able to escape, but now she's back...
Lana Parrilla's daughter?! by lparrillax
Lana Parrilla's daughter?!by lparrilla.xx
Allison is a 15 year old girl and finds out that Lana Parrilla and Sean Maguire are her parents. How will her life be with her real parents back in her life?
Little Sparrow Mills by evilregal2876
Little Sparrow Millsby evilregal2876
So this is a story about Regina's daughter, Sparrow. Regina decided she needed to give her away if she was going to get revenge on Snow White. She also needed someone wh...
My Happiness by one2manyOTPs
My Happinessby 2manyOTPs
David's true love and daughter just fell through a portal. David goes to Regina to get Henry and ends up inviting her over. Short story! Enjoy!
Was I Not Good Enough?! by ava_mcanally
Was I Not Good Enough?!by My_Hope_Billie
Jessica Schaffer has a good life. Loving and supportive family. She makes good grades has lots of friends, but is never the one to call herself popular. She is what you...