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Strange Worlds [Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children] Enoch O'Connor by Isle-Of-The-Lost
Strange Worlds [Miss Peregrine's H...by ashley
What if Jacob Portman was born a twin. A twin which was stronger than him in both peculiar and physical ways. Join Sophia Portman along with her twin Jacob through a sto...
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Change 》Enoch O'Connor《 by alexwilders
Change 》Enoch O'Connor《by oof
Nidria and Enoch have never gotten along. But three years have passed and they have both changed. [I don't own Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I only own Ni...
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Healing - Book One by Graciewilliams1234
Healing - Book Oneby Gracie 💭
~BOOK 1 in MPHFPC SERIES~ It's the autumn of 1943, and Violet is living another average afternoon of an overly-sheltered life. Forbidden from venturing beyond her garden...
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Limerence ➪ Enoch O'Connor [mphfpc] by celestialcalista
Limerence ➪ Enoch O'Connor [mphfpc]by cosmic sans*~” * ; .
Limerence » lim·er·ence - ˈlimərəns/ : (n) the state of being infatuated with another person. - Juliet Blackwood. Juliet Blackwood is the reason Enoch is the way he is...
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The Lupine Diaries : The Alpha's Mark[#2] by ButtercupsnUnicorns
The Lupine Diaries : The Alpha's M...by ButtercupsnUnicorns
I started to stroll away from her. "Wait!" she clasped onto my arm, groaning when it made me stop. I looked down to the girl, having the exact same eyes as mi...
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numb heart // enoch o'connor by sasscastic
numb heart // enoch o'connorby rea
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❝LIPS RED AS ROSE. HAIR BLACK AS EBONY. SKIN WHITE AS SNOW, THEY CALL HER SNOW WHITE❞ ( miss. peregrines home for peculiar children ) ( enoch o'connor x fem! oc ) ( ©jan...
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Enoch X Olive | Fire hearts by wegottarunner
Enoch X Olive | Fire heartsby Jonna :)
A book full of short stories starring Enoch and Olive, from Miss Peregrine's home for Peculiar Children (movie version)
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Enoch x olive (enolive) oneshots by LittleMissGloom
Enoch x olive (enolive) oneshotsby Leo 🤡
MOVIEVERSE Enoch x olvie {enlive/enolive} A collection of one shots,ill try to update often as i can,sorry for any errors 😆 i take requests Legal stuffs I do not own ...
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Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children Imagines by VictorsWife
Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar...by MrsBruntley
Just some Imagines Requests are open to all!!! (Completed)
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alive ••• enoch o'connor✔ by jmzmp3
alive ••• enoch o'connor✔by Creed
a life-giver and a dead-riser what could go wrong? ▪▪▪ [ an Enoch × O.C, i do not own Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children ]
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Mphfpc x Reader Imagines (SLOW UPDATES)  by AreyouSiriusBlack
Mphfpc x Reader Imagines (SLOW UPD...by Forever Indebted
Ranked #1 in Horace? Haha cool. #3 in Enoch O'Connor & Bronwyn #4 in Millard Nullings And so on.. ~Requests welcome~ First time doing imagines. -I don't own Mphfpc or an...
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Fix You | Enoch O'Connor | Finlay Macmillan by nctzen-honey
Fix You | Enoch O'Connor | Finlay...by NCTbabies
"You know, I tried to do it. I tried to fix you, but I can't." "It's okay, you tried. I didn't think you'd do that." "You don't get it do you? Y...
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In Time ▷ ENOCH O'CONNOR by thekylokenobi
In Time ▷ ENOCH O'CONNORby House Greyjoy
❝ it's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything ❞ #362 in Fantasy [MPHFPC - Enoch O'Connor] [©2016-;] - cover by @mangamushroom
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Chaotic Good::Enoch O'Connor (MPHFPC) by booknerds_unite
Chaotic Good::Enoch O'Connor (MPHF...by Author of Worlds
The year is 1960. Enoch O'Connor has reached sixty eight years and he is not all the happier. Stuck in the body of the sixteen year-old from 1908, he goes about his day...
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MPHFPC one shots  by peculiarbookgirl108
MPHFPC one shots by peculiarbookgirl108
OK, so this is my first story I'm gonna do, spoon, it may not be as good! but I hope you guys love the one-shots! N.A
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My heart #Wattys2017 by PrincessMeganFire
My heart #Wattys2017by Megan Owen
Love is in the air when Fiona Frauenfeld arrives. New friendships, new relationships, new experiences. But its not all fun and games for eight certain Year Tens. Death...
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MPHFPC Enoch x Reader: Deathly Flames Arisen by serenity_dragneel
MPHFPC Enoch x Reader: Deathly Fla...by Serenity Dragneel
Fire and death dont mix well, but wait until an odd peculiar wakes up and causes all the chaos she wishes. ___, niece of Elma Peregrine, with plenty of insane, drastic p...
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Enolive: A Fanfiction Story by JoslynBrat
Enolive: A Fanfiction Storyby Joslyn Brat
(I do not own these characters) Enoch O'Connor has the peculiarity of raising the dead. Olive Abroholos Elephanta has the peculiarity to control fire. When Olive first...
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Secrets | Enoch O'Connor | Finlay Macmillan | by nctzen-honey
Secrets | Enoch O'Connor | Finlay...by NCTbabies
"I prefer being alone it makes it harder to get hurt." • No wights No hollows
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