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Pauper Princess by LegendaryPenName
Pauper Princessby LegendaryPenName
Meli is a beggar in 19th century London. Not just a beggar- a pickpocket. A thief. And a good one. ************* I didn't ask to be a beggar. It was just what becomes of...
Sibling-Shots [Multifandom] 🎬 by khp777
Sibling-Shots [Multifandom] 🎬by ♡ 하시-fics ♡
Read & enjoy ❣ [Republished] (Don't take me wrong, for shipping idols & switching the ages as this book will contain of imaginations.. Nothing related to the celebritie...
UNEXPECTANCY by Random_Girl_7451
"Yeah well that little bitch got what she deserved, pretending she was our sister when she's probably dead anyway" Malcolm says, sounding a bit... hurt? after...
Life goes on [Jungkook's Six Strict Hyungs][ a BTS FF] by SehreenHridita3095
Life goes on [Jungkook's Six _MicroCosmos_
This is a fan fiction of BTS. Here I didn't include any Y/n or female lead character. It's just purely BTS's brotherly relations here. Jungkook as the youngest brother...
Protective Brothers (JiKook) by Lalithya_Jain
Protective Brothers (JiKook)by Lalithya Jain
Follow the story to know about Jimin's overprotective, possessive and strict brother Jungkook. Jungkook is very strict about Jimin.
The Strict Coach  by chrystaly123
The Strict Coach by chrystaly123
Mr Fred is a new swimming coach for the school swimming team. He was known to be the best swimmer and also a very strict coach. Find out what happen in this story.
Swapped by Random_Girl_7451
Swappedby The One And Only
Targeted by her real family consisting of 6 dangerous older brothers as the 14 year old Ariana Alvarez finds out her parents aren't her blood. Will they take her in the...
maknae (BTS brother ff) by suckerforcutekookie
maknae (BTS brother ff)by Bts Army
~ hyungie... I want a playstation... there is a new version... ~ of course... which one?? ~ yah.. don't spoil him... he got a playstation just 2 months ago... Jeon Jun...
Strict brother by Gazing_stardust
Strict brotherby Night skyline🌠
It's tae ff but more like a family ff(everyone can relate i think) Hehe Make sure to rate this story😇 First time writing but it will be good💜❤ Hope you guys like it😁...
My Champagne Problems  by nightlighe01
My Champagne Problems by Kia Coelho
Olivia Hart doesn't know what hits her when with short notice her mother decides to remarry. Overwhelmed by the fast-pace of events it slowly hits her that with this sud...
Caring doctor CEO Boss Husband  by VMSHIVANIVMS
Caring doctor CEO Boss Husband by Nature's lover
yn an girl from a poor family who has lost her parents at the age of 10 was working hard inorder to pay the debt of her parents. Lets get jump into their intro
💗my brother 💗 by anamsameer2007
💗my brother 💗by Anam Sameer
hello everyone this story contains ur favourite kpop idols such as jungkook, jimin and tae as strict brother of lisa , jennie and y/n all the brother's are mafia kings b...
Aiden  by Aeriana445
Aiden by Aeriana
Aiden Hanover is a 17 year old boy who lives with his wealthy father, who is overprotective and very strict. Since Aidens siblings are in college now, all the focus seem...
big brothers spanking story <3 by Baby16_girly
big brothers spanking story <3by ✨
Hey! So I'm going to be doing a big brother spanking story so if you don't like spankings this is probably not the story for you! So I'm thinking of doing different stor...
His student  by Ilovepinkandpink
His student by Notreally
Lisa Raven is known to be popularly dumb in her class , aspects such as low grades , low attention span , lack of seriousness to any situation earns her such title . But...
Siblings  by RamyaSahajan
Siblings by luvbangton
Y/n(your name)is a girl who lost her parents in the age of 5. After that incident she lives with her sweet but strict brother. Jungkook is cute and kind manner person...
Stone Heart by MariFer_xx
Stone Heartby m a r i a
{Will be taken down for editing on Sept 5th} It's easy to love when you have a normal thumping heart, but it's harder to love when you have a Stone Heart. _______*******...
ʜʏᴜɴɢs, ɪ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ғʀᴇᴇᴅᴏᴍ (ᴊᴋ- Tae ᴄᴇɴᴛʀᴇ)  by BooksareMyLifeuu
ʜʏᴜɴɢs, ɪ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ғʀᴇᴇᴅᴏᴍ (ᴊᴋ- Tae ᴄᴇ ᴋɪᴍᴊᴇᴏɴᴛᴀᴇғғs
A maknae who suffered painful past, unknown of the truths his hyung are hiding from him But his hyungs are hella strict over him Unknown of their real identify and his f...
Min family (strict mother of 3 trouble makers) by sunshine22879
Min family (strict mother of 3 sunshine
disclaimer-this is originally a bts fan fiction so don't take any word serioulsy thank you so the story is about min yoongi and his family include his wife min Yuna (im...
Dark Love by Penglowy
Dark Loveby Pen Glowy
DARK ROMANCE - After playing a reckless game, a spoiled and gullible girl did not expect to find herself in a serious relationship with an intriguing and no-nonsense guy...