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The Brother's princess  by pinkclemonade
The Brother's princess by pinkclemonade
she's small, stealthy and crazy, she's exactly what the mafia needs, unfortunately her brother is the leader of the Italian mafia, so she is stuck, she didn't want to be...
My First Dom by MilyMdn
My First Domby Mily Mdn
Miranda Mickelson is a 22-year-old girl. She works at a local store and was just graduated and is now working to live. Her parents live across the state but never liked...
5 overprotective brothers  by FynleeFox
5 overprotective brothers by Fynlee Fox
This is a story about Leah Jones who has 5 brothers. Leah was born in 2007 which makes her 13 she is the youngest in her family of 6. Her brothers are David Jones (Davy)...
Butt Plug Moments  by SpankeeZia
Butt Plug Moments by SpankeeZia
I am 18 years old living with a couple who adopted me when they saw me sleeping at the park. But they had hidden desire for me. Read my story to know...
A Teenage Life With Discipline & With Brothers  by Passionateone1
A Teenage Life With Discipline & Passionateone1
A girl named Isabella, lives with her brothers and got trouble easily. Welcome into the adventurous life of Isabella! Contains Non-Sexual Spanking. Don't like, don't rea...
My Young Loverboy by SpankeeZia
My Young Loverboyby SpankeeZia
I am Lucy 30 years old and my boyfriend 20 years old. I met him at the bar, we're both drunk and dancing together. I looked young my age. We became friends and soon had...
The Unknown by Rddudd
The Unknownby Jas jacey
Follow the lives of four young orphans who suddenly find themselves growing up under the stern discipline of not one but two handsome inexperienced guardians who are cle...
THE CARNELLS by Chayma22chou07
My severe brother 2 Enjoy ❤️
Guy x Reader by dandyboi05
Guy x Readerby A_Dandy_Boy
Y/n's family gets killed when they were little so the Croods take them in, one day they sneak out with Eep and meets a stranger that catches their eye. There aren't man...
The Comfort Of Being Strangled by GraceHoover3
The Comfort Of Being Strangledby Pete Sellers
The Comfort of Being Strangled is a short documentary about an event that occurred on December 23, 2017. This content contains triggers that may unsuitable for someone w...
Not on my watch by LondonRiver16
Not on my watchby LondonRiver16
When he opened the Impala, he allowed himself a moment to observe how Sam had messed it up and he sighed, dejected: his brother was soaked to the skin from head to toe...
Christian Grey Is My Father by Booklover6723
Christian Grey Is My Fatherby Baylin Michelle
My name is Kerra Marie Grey! Im 14 years old but some don't beileve it and think im actually older lol My Father is Christian Grey, he owns businesses all over hotels af...
Sister's By Chance... Not Exactly Friends By Choice by sssadiemay
Sister's By Chance... Not sssadiemay
Evelyn and Hailey Collins are sisters who go to Halton's Academy for Girl's, an all girls boarding school on the Southern East coast. Evelyn is the older sister, who mak...
my strict brother's by sugarteatae
my strict brother'sby taetae
lazy to write description
Yes Sir (a disciplinary story) by strawberry_bubblesxd
Yes Sir (a disciplinary story)by strawberry_bubblesxd
3 teenage boys are sent to live with Mr.Howell to get their lives straightened out and get some discipline Smacked into them.
8-Teez Makes Chaos (spanking fic) by yonghoonsvocals
8-Teez Makes Chaos (spanking fic)by yonghoonsvocals
A fictional story about the chaotic life of the kpop group Ateez. When Ateez's beloved Manager-nim takes a vacation, the dorm turns into chaos. Not only do they miss th...
50 shades of Orange [ Donald Trump x King Kong ( Queen Kong ) ] by ottergang
50 shades of Orange [ Donald ottergang
FUCK YEAH (smutty lemon warning) (don't read if u are heterophobic) (sorry i don't like gay people they disappint me)(curse words censored in case my mom reads this she...
One Direction Spanking Story - InTheEndItsAlright by InTheEndItsAlright
One Direction Spanking Story - Harry Please.
Louis and Zayn figure out a new lifestyle to keep their boys in line. This book contains spanking. Don't like, don't read. DISCLAIMER: This story is being reuploaded. I...