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The Witchy Pasta (An Creepypasta reader Insert/ Creepypasta x Reader) by XDeCipherXDeCode
The Witchy Pasta (An Creepypasta Cipher Code
A story that you the reader are a witch(witch can go for both genders) that's was cursed to die at age 26. But what happen when thee Slender man found you centuries late...
  • insertreader
  • janethekiller
  • toby
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Science Fiction Without Romance Book Club by renafan101
Science Fiction Without Romance she
A book club for science-fiction books without romance and people who like science fiction without any romance. Cover made using the wattpad covers app!
  • improve
  • bookclub
  • sci-fi
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The Things We Kept by SheWhoLovesPineapple
The Things We Keptby SheWhoLovesPineapple
"When she was alive, Berti once asked us what we lived for." Three kids survive the apocalypse.
  • friendship
  • apocalyptic
  • action
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Daddy's Here Father!Vincent x Child!Reader by TheJinxer101
Daddy's Here Father!Vincent x TheJinxer101
What happens when you are given to your father you have never met before while at a young age? Can you change this dark souls heart?...or has it already changed?
  • fnaf
  • no-romance
  • reader-insert
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Wishtester by Nandi_taylor
Wishtesterby Nandi Taylor
Wishtesters are the lowest of the low, the most pitiful beggars and crooks living on the fringes of society. And Faruq is itching to become one. Asking a wish of the Dji...
  • king
  • djinn
  • boy
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Today After Tomorrow by SingingInTheRaiin
Today After Tomorrowby Merlin
The mysterious prophet, known only as Dick Sardane, sees that the next prophet will be a child of Earth. Too bad Earth had just been blown up two years before that proph...
  • no-romance
  • other-planet
  • prophecies
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A stranger at the sea | {A Namjoon Oneshot} by Mmelox
A stranger at the sea | {A NAMMOON ❍
where namjoon meets a girl at the sea 🌊 - no romance -
  • hiddentracksea
  • bts
  • rm
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Unacceptable  by that-one-person-idk
Unacceptable by That-person-I-guess
Charlie Taylor, that one non-binary person in their life. They were always considered alone because of their life choices and decisions made by life. Everything was norm...
  • mystery
  • homophobic
  • sad
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Timekeeper | Undertale by KFielding
Timekeeper | Undertaleby KFielding
Throughout all the humans to fall down, all the souls to shatter, and every reset, there is a memory. Where reality meets void, and fragments of memory are joined by sea...
  • backstory-and-lore-explanations
  • undertale
  • sans
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Luna x Reader  by SweetJuicyPie12e
Luna x Reader by Just Monika
This1 was requested by a friend in real life that found Luna attractive.So here ya'go! lol it might be a bit kinky but yet no lamonz
  • no-romance
  • no-lemons
  • abit-kinky
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Lost in Oblivion (Normal Book Version) by DreamDrawer16
Lost in Oblivion (Normal Book K.Avery Sun
A normal book version of the script version "Have you ever thought of how much time you have left? Well, I guess you don't have the time to think about it, but I kn...
  • school
  • action
  • world-travel
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Unwanted by Rayco-chan
Unwantedby Ray-chan
THIS BOOK HAS 0.5% ROMANCE, SO IF UR LOOKING FOR ROMANCE, THIS IS THE WRONG BOOK !! Choi Minjae is a high school junior who faces troubles with his daily life. His par...
  • brotherhood
  • lonely
  • family
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An unknown agent by Kaspire11
An unknown agentby Kaspire11
I am dead. I have escaped but I have nowhere to run. All my loved ones believe I died three years ago. I was to protect my identity and save their lives. For the past tw...
  • short-story
  • action
  • no-romance
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Survival Test by fishlish55
Survival Testby fishlish55
Follow twins Fidget, Gadget, and their little sister Snipy as they try to concur the zombie apocalypse though they won't be able to do it alone of course. They have the...
  • horror
  • no-romance
  • adventure
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Dicing with Death by RunningJay
Dicing with Deathby RunningJay
Humans have started making clones, referred to as "Agents", with their own DNA in a desperate attempt for power. After Travis Graves's daughter gets shot, Age...
  • first-person
  • no-love
  • no-romance
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Second by MrsCosmopilite
Secondby MrsCosmopilite
You know those glamorous, fascinating people who are guaranteed to find excitement? Edith isn't one of them. It's Carmen who's trying to stop a war that could tear apa...
  • no-romance
  • quirky
Monolith Archangel by Jegudiell
Monolith Archangelby Jegudiell
Humanity abandoned Earth a long time ago. They also abandoned the concept of "need," around the same time they abandoned the concepts of "free will"...
  • dystopia
  • unreliable-narrator
  • no-higher-meaning-yet
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Who Cares About The Zombie Apocalypse?! I've Run Out Of Cornettos! by Lilhorse16
Who Cares About The Zombie Lileigh
It's the zombie apocalypse, and Eve, Izzi, Jen, Liv and Rosie find themselves right in the middle of it. In order to survive, they must battle the flesh eating monsters...
  • apocalypse
  • sarcasm
  • zombie
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