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Human Pet by KomoriYuki
Human Petby KomoriYuki
Taken by the aliens to a planet unknown how will the girl survive and how long?. An Alien's pet. With twists and turns you might enjoy from time and again.
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Adorable Adoption by Dino_Prince
Adorable Adoptionby Dino_Prince
Jake is classified as a pet when the creatures of deep space take over. He refuses to be such, but alas, it's not up to him. When Blair comes in looking for someone to t...
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Fated Encounter: A Werewolf's Pet by KomoriYuki
Fated Encounter: A Werewolf's Petby KomoriYuki
"Its all life...I have lost all my family to the Virus. It happened so fast I didn't even have the chance to look around and before I knew it everyone I c...
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I Hate Dentist by Naluforever3
I Hate Dentistby Naluforever3
Based on a Story Prompt Tom gets home to find a demon sitting in the middle of his living room, crying incoherently while petting his cat. It's only after a long and ver...
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A Child's Hope by In_This_World214
A Child's Hopeby In_This_World214
How does a nine year old little boy end up in the lair of dragons, when all his life, he was warned to stay away? All children are taught that dragons are evil, merciles...
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Human Pet by unidentified562
Human Petby Unidentified
A 6 years old boy on a camping trip with his orphanage and he always liked exploring so one night when everyone else is asleep he headed out in the woods with nothing bu...
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Their Pet (TFP Fanfic) by RenHope0
Their Pet (TFP Fanfic)by NovaCord
On her way home from work, Brynn stumbles into the hands of he Decepticons after seeing Knockout in action. How will she adjust to being taken away from her home as the...
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Special Pet by DefenderofHyrule
Special Petby DefenderofHyrule
An Interplanetary Explorer and researcher named Quigor from the planet Nividar captures a human for a pet. Her name is Margaret. This story is decent, with no violence o...
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Human Pet by Cheongmyeong
Human Petby Cheongmyeong
Summary: In a world, where humans are pets and aliens are the masters, how can a girl survive? Here, a girl from the earth, meet an alien who become her master. Hana is...
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In the mouse onesie A human pet story by DulEmeiona
In the mouse onesie A human pet Dul Emeiona
A cute and fun human pet story, I don't want this one to get more serious then vet visits or world building, a simple, fun story of little Kite, not his human name of co...
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The human pet by thatforestkid
The human petby thatforestkid
This is a WIP human pet story, I don't intend to abandon it, and may even write sequels later. read if you like! Might as well check it out, maybe you'll discover a new...
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Realty changer by Yuki_hyde14
Realty changerby Yuki_hyde14
{Small intro!} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kelly Marigolds mother has just passed away, leaving her with a small amount of money and a small box. What's in that b...
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In Alien Hands: Family Ties by MachelleIrby
In Alien Hands: Family Tiesby Stormy Skyes
Merle and Holli have finally made it to Merle's home planet. There, they will meet Merle (and soon to be Holli's) family.
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Hold Out for Humanity by LunarUnity
Hold Out for Humanityby Father
Mordecai was living at an amazing time for humanity. He could look on the TV and see all the explorations happening in space, watch how Earth desperately tried to reach...
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Run Away With Me, Pet Shapeshifter by MachelleIrby
Run Away With Me, Pet Shapeshifterby Stormy Skyes
Stormy is a 10,000 year old shapeshifter, a species descended from the human race called the Cuckooline. Human in appearance for most of the time, Stormy possesses the...
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Kidnapped Pet by Sadru4
Kidnapped Petby Sadru
Henry wasn't too skilled with women, he just came from law school, trying to adjust to his new life, but when he met Vanessa, she was his dream girl. Or was she?
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In Alien Hands: A World Or Two by MachelleIrby
In Alien Hands: A World Or Twoby Stormy Skyes
Holli, Merle, Lyndsey, Grene, Vyelet, and Aspin go to a convention
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Undiscovered by Ikuso21
Undiscoveredby Ikuso21
Garlithian commander Klick has always adored the mysterious and strange, so when a new planet with new species is discovered he can't wait to explore it more. As the onl...
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In Alien Hands, 2018 Halloween special by MachelleIrby
In Alien Hands, 2018 Halloween Stormy Skyes
For the Holiday specials from my In Alien Hands stories. I plan on posting something every holiday... After each holiday, they'll be pasted into a whole book (to keep my...
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Prince Lucus  by SapphiresAndTwilight
Prince Lucus by Eat_Concreate33
18-year-old Melanie Ray has been in a pet shop for 3 years. She lost her parents during a house fire one night while vampires destroyed and burned the town. A vampire p...
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