Finding Humanity

Finding Humanity

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Nina Marks By NinaMarks Completed

It started in an elevator. 
For Emily, every day of the last two years has been a blur. She keeps her head down, taking her college courses online and only going out to work at her mandatory internship. That all changes the day the office elevator breaks down, leaving her trapped when the screams begin. 
When the doors finally open, Emily is launched into a terrifying run for her life. Now, Emily must face her inner demons if she is to have any hope of surviving the monsters outside.

Wattys 2017 Shortlist
Highest Ranking: #2 in Horror (5/30/2017)
Featured Story (8/21/17)

Warning: The story contains some gore and violence, strong language, and dark themes.

Copyright © 2016 by Nina Marks. All rights reserved.

Their gonna have to get out anyway, I don't think I would wait until the screaming was over. Cause then it probably means that whatever was making them scream is the only things left in the building :(
This girl is stuck in an elevator with God only knows what's happening outside of it... and she already got an OTP 😂😂
I'm so tense and this is only the second chapter. This gonna be such a good story, my goodness! :)
Diana is gonna be that one chick who goes in the basement when everyone watching tv is telling her not to
sarasa234 sarasa234 5 days ago
Today, on NatGeoWild, we have a wild Dick, taunting his prey.
Y'all in the elevator better hold your breaths like you're playing hide and seek