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Rhys Oneshots by RandomCrazyInsomniac
Rhys Oneshotsby Mars
REQUESTS ARE OPEN I watched this in one day fml now im obsessed GHHHHHH IM CRAZY FOR HIM This is very weird okay It has smut and stuff Most of these are AU's so deal wit...
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The vault hunters friend  by Beaner10
The vault hunters friend by Beaner10
(Y/N) is a close friend to Gaige so when he heard that she was heading to pandora to be a vault hunter he got worried and decided to throw his future away just to go wit...
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My Cupcake | Handsome Jack x Reader HIATUS by boobsock
My Cupcake | Handsome Jack x where r my sox
A team of Vault Hunters travel to the Control Core to get the Vault Key. They have to kill Angel, but (Y/n) doesn't and won't do it. That sparks something in Jack, and h...
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Borderlands Handsome Jack X Reader Oneshots by iizpotato
Borderlands Handsome Jack X TheEdgyDuck
*Insert some dumb description about reading the title here*
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Borderlands Rhys/ Reader by Unknown1157
Borderlands Rhys/ Readerby Unknown1157
Rhy/reader Spoliers for the end of the game. I might make this into a book of one shots, or a story. I am not quite sure yet. Either way I hope you guys enjoy! Just a wa...
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Borderlands X Reader One-Shots by Elizabeth-Kelly
Borderlands X Reader One-Shotsby Elizabeth-Kelly
A series of one-shots based on Borderlands characters ! Requests open and appreciated.
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The Shattered Key by Dipwatt
The Shattered Keyby Dipwatt
"Rhys, you should come back. You might want to see this," Fiona said, uncharacteristically at a loss for words. "What is it?" Rhys said. "...
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RHACK TEXTS by anti_zomboi
RHACK TEXTSby 𝚛𝚘𝚛𝚢 ♡
A compilation of Jack and Rhys texts and others. All the text prompts are from Tumblr & Pinterest! Art on cover by kinkynuts and gilbert_bruege on Tumblr! Also, if any a...
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Borderlands x Reader by dramawrites
Borderlands x Readerby dramawrites
Come on! I'm pretty into the Borderlands... everything. Not just TFTBL! I do Nisha, Wilhelm, Shade, hell even that bitch Lilith. I try tho, I'm still learning how to wri...
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The Psycho of Remnant (Abused and neglected Krieg the Psycho reader x RWBY) by MaPhoneyVaross
The Psycho of Remnant (Abused Phoney
Krieg Rose was the eldest child of the Rose family but the people who only loved him was his mother Summer and Ruby his little sister and his aunt Raven...while the othe...
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Handsome Jack X Reader by BorderlandsFanfics
Handsome Jack X Readerby Handsome jackass
You've been living on Pandora all your life. You were a trained assassin and working for vault hunters. There was always complications but never have you failed a missio...
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By Your Side (Handsome Jack X Reader) by renwolf1200
By Your Side (Handsome Jack X RenWolf🐺
Before the Vault, before even thinking about joining Hyperion, you knew him as Jack, the funny, crazy, cool guy that was secretly a nerd, which just made him better. Whe...
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RWBY x Male Vault Hunter Reader by OmegaEclipse
RWBY x Male Vault Hunter Readerby OmegaEclipse
After the Eridian wars on Pandora. The former Vault Hunters settled down to live their lives. This is the tale of (Y/N) Springs, the son of Athena and Janey Springs. Be...
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Abused!Male!CL4P-TP!Reader x RWBY "THE CLAPTASTIC VOYAGE by SpawnyXTheGamer
Abused!Male!CL4P-TP!Reader x HopingMeme
"Hes Such A Lovely Robot Hes Such A Tip Top Bloke And If It Weren't For Claptrap Our Life Would Be A Joke" Letsa See What The Future Holds For Our Claptastic B...
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Borderlands x Reader Collection by PolitePenguin
Borderlands x Reader Collectionby PolitePenguin
A oneshot book dedicated to Borderlands 1 and 2! (I haven't played TPS/TFTBL yet)
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One Shot Collection: BORDERLANDS ADDITION by CreativelyStupid
One Shot Collection: BORDERLANDS Rhysie baby
This is a collection of various Borderlands one shots, smuts, lemons, and fluffs. If you have an idea or want something written, please message me, I am very open to su...
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Rhack one-shots (and probs short stories?) by NewGoatInTown
Rhack one-shots (and probs short Rhysie's-pretzels
I promise I'm better at third person than first I probably wont use names for all chapters, just random things If there's any you want in an actual story or something I...
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  • handsomejack
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Borderlands x Reader Oneshots by little-nabb
Borderlands x Reader Oneshotsby Miscellaneous
Oneshots for various Borderlands Characters, from every game. Send requests if you want!
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A True Hero (Handsome Jack) by StilesTheKilljoy
A True Hero (Handsome Jack)by StilesTheKilljoy
Nyx is a siren of the night that has lived almost her entire life in a vault. One day, the vault mysteriously opened, allowing her to escape into the dangerous lands of...
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Handsome Jack X reader( student) by 1jasonvoorheesfan
Handsome Jack X reader( student)by One man apocalypse
What if the great handsome Jack was a school teacher. Don't get me wrong, he his hot but his personality isn't right one a teacher, since he beats some students in the c...
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