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My Big-Hearted Dragon... Slayer by LunarQuinn
My Big-Hearted Dragon... Slayerby Wolvine
Since she came back to Sabertooth, Yukino has felt like she's being pushed to the side by her friends. Since the previous master left, Sting has constantly been letting...
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Mission by qpqpKuroshiqpqp
Missionby Kuroshi Okami
After Fairy Tail won the war and Zeref being good again Natsu and Gray got so drunk and of course who comes to their rescue? Of course Lucy and Juvia and of course somet...
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lucy life story by Dojowill2904
lucy life storyby Dojowill2904
WEAK. USELESS. PATHETIC. these are the words that lucy and friends were called by the. guild and their so called nakama they leave the guild to train and come back stron...
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Dragon slayer mating season  by TheCartoonistDreamer
Dragon slayer mating season by Cartoonistdreamer
What is dragon slayer mating season? Is it just a season to mate? Or is it more? Is it an opportunity for those who had hidden their true feelings to finally tell the o...
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Fairy Tail Forever And Ever (see the description for pairings) by Snowdrop_Nightingale
Fairy Tail Forever And Ever (see Snowdrop Nightingale
After returning from the 100 years quest, Team Natsu will face the scariest challenge thus far: life in itself. While dealing with their feelings for each other, putting...
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Twin Paradox Slayers (Fairy Tail FanFic) by KittenKlaire
Twin Paradox Slayers (Fairy Tail KittenKlaire
If don't know the theory of the Twin Paradox Slayers I'll give you a brief, Sting and Rogue are actually the sons of the two Dragon Slayers they admired as kids, Natsu a...
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Mended: A Broken Story by tatitex1
Mended: A Broken Storyby Dead Girl Walking
It had been 2 years since Layla Heartfilia died and the whole ordeal with Sabertooth. Our heroes have moved on with their lives but, what's this?! Some weird people have...
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Fairy tail: Dragon Mating Season [DISCONTINUED] by FairytailxBaka
Fairy tail: Dragon Mating Season [ Odd Asian
It was a normal day in Fairy Tail until... The dragon slayers were acting strange.. NatsuxLucy GajeelxLevy CobraxKinana StingxYukino RoguexKagura ((In my story, Erik...
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Future? by heartmirajane
Future?by heartmirajane
(Fairy Tail fanfic) When Lucy and the girls meet some kids on a job everything turned hectic. When Lucy doesnt come back from her job he looks for her. When Natsu finds...
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The Fated Meeting (a fairy tail fanfic) by Fairy_king_Oberon
The Fated Meeting (a fairy tail Oberon Chronia
The Royal siblings of the kingdom of Chronia came to find their brother Gajeel and to seek refuge at the kingdom of Fiore.After being hunted by Alvarez empire's soldiers...
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Fairytail Mating Season by redfairyqueen
Fairytail Mating Seasonby 👑Red Queen👑
Mating Season a season that happens every 50 years in the spring. When a slayer, heavenly body user, or someone who used this magic in their life will be effected. They...
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Fairy Tail Dragon and Devil slayer mating season by redfairyqueen
Fairy Tail Dragon and Devil 👑Red Queen👑
It was a regular day at Fairy Tail. But the Dragon Slayers and one Devil slayed have beenacted weird. When Yukino and Kagura come to the guild to visit and say that thei...
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The Elemental Dragon Slayer  (Fairytail & A NaLu fanfic) °ON HOLD° by leishtherain
The Elemental Dragon Slayer ( DonutMe
What happens when Lucy becomes a Elemental dragon slayer and the Princess of Dragons??? Summary: Lucy, a sweet and kind-hearted girl, got lost in a forest and disappeare...
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The Love Of A dragon by TulipBunny
The Love Of A dragonby TuLip
Lucy, Levy, Romeo, Kagura, Kinana, Yukino and Mirajane have no idea what kind of hell that has been released. Will they be able to escape All characters belong to Hiro...
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A Love In Mating Season  by lovelyzhime
A Love In Mating Season by lovelyzhime
Today is normal day in the guild like natsu, gajeel and gray fighting, other mages joining the fight, erza stopping the brawl, lucy and levy chatting but not until drago...
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Dragon and Devil slayer mating season SEQUEL by redfairyqueen
Dragon and Devil slayer mating 👑Red Queen👑
Slayer mating season a season of love for those who use slaying magic. When two figure enter the guild one being there first master but another no one has seen before. W...
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Dragon Mating Season by Juliette_Leilani
Dragon Mating Seasonby Juliette_Leilani
MAJOR EDITING IN PROCESS In a land far far away lies the kingdom of Fiore. And in that kingdom is the city of Magnolia. Magnolia is home to two of the biggest and best g...
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Fairy tail lemons by fairytail900
Fairy tail lemonsby Zayla
I enjoyed writing lemons when I started but then these same people commented rude things and I got really pissed so I stopped. This book of lemons is obviously going to...
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Fairy Tail | Family 《NaLu》 by Anime-Wolfia
Fairy Tail | Family 《NaLu》by Cup of Wolf
Well this is just a regular Nalu story, Lucy gets stronger for her respect in Fairy Tail
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{FAIRYTAIL} Everyone has a beginning,secret and a 3nd by tatipopstar
{FAIRYTAIL} Everyone has a steam my hams(xodis poweress)
i can heal a wound but not a broken heart............... did you think we werent real but look were standing right in front of you........ SHUT UP!!!!! AND OPEN YOUR EYE...
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