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Fairy Tail Adventure Resort (Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza, Gajevy) by makasxru
Fairy Tail Adventure Resort ( •makasxru•
The Fairy Tail guild has been whisked away to a hotel. Plans awaited them, unexpected arrivals from other guilds awaited them and unexpected moments awaited them. Moment...
Sabertooth Life by Fairytailfan1702
Sabertooth Lifeby Fairytailfan1702
Ever wonder what Sabertooth does while Fairy Tail goes to work. See the troubles, love, and betrayal of Sabertooth. And what happens when a Mating season approaches. Cou...
Dragon slayer mating season  by TheCartoonistDreamer
Dragon slayer mating season by Cartoonistdreamer
What is dragon slayer mating season? Is it just a season to mate? Or is it more? Is it an opportunity for those who had hidden their true feelings to finally tell the o...
beneath the stars | ff by _rixsayihhh_
beneath the stars | ffby — sayih
[ a fairytail fanfiction ] [ lower case intended ] "she was like the shooting stars, rare and different, but you were blinded by the others that shined the same. no...
The Youtubers That Live Upstairs by KrunchieKookies
The Youtubers That Live Upstairsby ↱ rowan ↲
[ Nalu, Gale, Gruvia, Jerza, Miraxus, and Stingyu/Stiyu ] Six normal teens living normal lives as juniors. That is, until six famous youtubers move into the apartment j...
In Heat: Dragon Slayer Mating Season by Elizabeth_Knight
In Heat: Dragon Slayer Mating Elizabeth_Knight
All the dragon slayers have been acting weird! It's up to the girls to find out what's been going on, and help them get back to normal. However, when Kinana gets kidnapp...
The Love Of Tigers (A StingYu & Rogura Story) by TheEmeraldLegend
The Love Of Tigers (A StingYu & TheEmeraldLegend
Things around Sabertooth are pretty normal. Except for one thing. Mermaid Heel is staying with them. After the Mermaid Heel guild hall gets destroyed, they ladies have t...
Mission by qpqpKuroshiqpqp
Missionby Kuroshi Okami
After Fairy Tail won the war and Zeref being good again Natsu and Gray got so drunk and of course who comes to their rescue? Of course Lucy and Juvia and of course somet...
Slayer Mating Season by AshlynLeBeck
Slayer Mating Seasonby AshlynLeBeck
It's been 10 years since the last Slayer Mating Season. The Dragon and Devil slayers of Fairytail and Sabertooth have started to go through the stages of the season and...
Fairy Tail (Girls vs Boys) by ErzaScarletQueen
Fairy Tail (Girls vs Boys)by Titania Scarlet Queen Erza
When Natsu calls all the girls in the guild weak because they are not stronger than him and the other guys in the guild and the guys agree the girls gets mad and Erza de...
Now and Always (StingYu fanfiction) by fightmeonFTbro
Now and Always (StingYu fanfiction)by fightmeonFTbro
Yukino leaves Sabertooth without a word, only letters to give to her comrades. Nine years later, she's back and with two little children who look a little too much like...
Fairy Tail Short Stories by Akahana_9
Fairy Tail Short Storiesby Jessica
Just some random short stories that might make you laugh, or cry! Make sure to give me some ideas too!
Ships Go To Sail by lulu0404
Ships Go To Sailby Lulu_the_cat
Mira decided to make a 3 week vacations with 3 guilds in order for her ships to sail however people will block her way. Will she succeed? Will her ships sail or sink? Sh...
Goodbye our nakama (COMPLETED) by 7fairy_tail
Goodbye our nakama (COMPLETED)by Freya
9 girls get pregnant. 6 leave and 3 stay. Who leaves and who stays? StingYu, RogUra, GajEvy, GrayZa, NaLu, RoWen, MirAxus, ElfGreen And BixAnna. COMPLETE
The Royal Romance/ Fairy Tail/ Royal AU  by NvWlflst
The Royal Romance/ Fairy Tail/ NøvàWølf ßlàst
-I Don't Own Any Of The Characters- This story includes - Gruvia, Nalu, Jerza, Gajevy/GaLe, Miraxus, Stingyu, Rogura, and Rowen A common thief has stolen from multiple k...
Sleeping Beauty (Sting x Yukino) by shortie0524
Sleeping Beauty (Sting x Yukino)by Kajal
When Yukino is told that she is betrothed to someone she hasn't even met before, she runs away from her kingdom and never looks back. After finding refuge in the forest...
A Love In Mating Season  by JustaCuteNerd
A Love In Mating Season by JustaCuteNerd
Status: [COMPLETED ✔️] Today is normal day in the guild with Natsu, Gajeel and Gray fighting, other mages joining the fight, Erza stopping the brawl, Lucy and Levy chatt...
Mating Season by Mymtngames25
Mating Seasonby Caleb Jones
following the popular trend of fairy tail fanfics this is a story about the mating season of slayers. All slayers will be featured but. there will also be other ships me...
Potion of Slayers  by Br1zzy07
Potion of Slayers by Br1zzy07
There is a great mystery awaiting the Fairy Tail guild, but not only the Fairy Tail guild, also the Sabertooth guild, the Crime Sociere guild, the Lamia Scale guild, and...
The Fairy's in Fairy Tales by OceanaWaterElemental
The Fairy's in Fairy Talesby Zoe Jackson
what will happen when Levy, Rufus, and Freed crack a spell but thing don't go as planned. Will they rise to the challenges of the fairy tales or will they get trapped th...