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Feared •Various! Fairytail x Reader• by iiCookie_Doge
Feared •Various! Fairytail x Reade...by ❤️️Cookie-Sama🖤
(Fairytail Various! X Reader) []COMPLETE[] "You're a freak!" "She's a demon!" "She'll kill us all!" A small girl lay awake in her room, won...
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Frozen Shadows || Rogue Cheney x Reader by FanfictionXR
Frozen Shadows || Rogue Cheney x R...by Jeanne
You have been a member of Sabertooth for years and you are a part of the Dragon Slayer Trio along with Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney. You and Sting couldn't be closer...
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Water's Light (Sting x Reader) by fairyxtails
Water's Light (Sting x Reader)by 👑
{Completed} You are the water dragon slayer. The princess of a forgotten kingdom destroyed by Acnologia. But your also a member of fairy tail. After the 7 years you and...
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Sorena (Fairy Tail Fanfiction) by SorenaKays
Sorena (Fairy Tail Fanfiction)by SorenaKays
Sorena was found at a young age by a member of Fairy tail and she enjoys her life their but she starts getting these memories..Is her life a lie? Who is telling the trut...
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The Hero : Salamander! (Fire Dragon Slayer Male Reader x My Hero Academia) by DragonWizard43
The Hero : Salamander! (Fire Drago...by DragonWizard43
Yo guys! This is my very first fanfiction ever! I created a bunch of comics based off of my favorite anime and I wanted to sorta make it public! I hope you guys enjoy th...
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Wendy Marvell x Male Dragon Slayer Reader  by Gladiator065
Wendy Marvell x Male Dragon Slayer...by Gladiator065
(Y/N) is Fairy Tail wizard. His 'uninterested in anything' personality and looks have gotten him to be popular in Sorcerer Weekly. His magic is Spectral Dragon Slayer ma...
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Asami The Water Dragon Slayer by mei1524
Asami The Water Dragon Slayerby mei1524
Her blue eyes flickered over to her husband with a soft expression on her face, despite the bad things that had happened before, she knew that without a doubt she would...
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Control by L0VEandLUST
Controlby lofi-loser.exe
The seven-year gap changed everything. Fairy Tail is mocked by the townspeople, Guilds now fight for power titles, And an innocent little fairy that they once knew has g...
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Storm Chasers (Laxus x Reader) by TheFutureMrsDragneel
Storm Chasers (Laxus x Reader)by Titania
{Complete} A Laxus x Reader Story... Storms of a malicious intent have been plaguing Fiore. When it strikes a town people can't leave their homes, forced in stay indoo...
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*~When Can I See You Again~*(Mystogan x Reader) by redfig69
*~When Can I See You Again~*(Mysto...by Rehoodfig
||Rank 2 in #Mystogan|| [CREATED THIS STORY WHEN I WAS LIKE 11 SO THATS WHY THE GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY SUCKS ] This is my first fanfiction im terrible with description s...
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~Magnolia's Number One Assassin~  (Fairy Tail) by BooksAreAnotherLife
~Magnolia's Number One Assassin~...by ~Dreamcatcher~
My name...my given name is Freya. I'm an assassin. No one knows what I look like. Sound like. Or know who I am. And I like it like that. I don't enjoy what I do. I jus...
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The Oldest Fullbuster by -shugarr
The Oldest Fullbusterby SatlyAssFrenchFries
a girl who can do ice magic and can slay a dragon, who is also conveniently siblings with one of the strongest mages in fairytail and tags along with a metal freak. sou...
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Fairy Tail x Male Reader by whothehellistim
Fairy Tail x Male Readerby Tim
A young boy joins fairy tail after being found by Gildarts
Cursed (Zeref X Reader) by mango_gymnast
Cursed (Zeref X Reader)by ❀
(Y/N) has always tried to lock away her past, rejecting her old magic which was forced upon her by one of the darkest figures in history. Then she meets Zeref, cursed by...
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Naruto the dragon king by lucarioacero
Naruto the dragon kingby lucarioacero
Naruto having enough of his parents neglecting him goes to whirlpool. However, all he finds is instead a bunch of ruins, blue fire, and a black and blue scaled dragon. M...
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Lost Ice (Laxus X OC) by Panadapup
Lost Ice (Laxus X OC)by ⓡⓔⓘ
[Completed but not edited] I only own my Oc I do not own FairyTail (This is my first story so there will probably be some mistakes keep in mind I'm not a genius so I don...
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Fairy Tail Mating Season: Laxus x reader by dot_2021
Fairy Tail Mating Season: Laxus x...by Dot
You were a friend of Laxus from when you two were little you were the dragon princess and Lucy was your little sister but before Lucy ran away you ran away first a join...
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Mighty ( All Dragon Slayers x reader ) Fairy tail Fan Fic by becca3115
Mighty ( All Dragon Slayers x read...by Rebecca H
( Y/N ) is the strongest female wizard in Fairy Tail , stronger than Erza and Mirajane. You also being the strongest Dragon Slayer in the world , wielding 10 different D...
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The Dark Dragon Paladin: Mirajane Strauss x Male Reader x Erza Scarlet by Showoff247
The Dark Dragon Paladin: Mirajane...by Showoff247
A "Fairy Tail" - male reader insert Mirajane Strauss x Male Reader x Erza Scarlet With the two leading ladies of Fairy Tail vying for his attention and his hea...
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Love is worth it! by firebird_star
Love is worth it!by firebird_star
Her element is ice... His element is light... She's a Fairy... He's a Tiger... She's ice cold but only in his arms will she melt... How did two people from two complete...
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