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Summoning America by DrDoritosMD
Summoning Americaby DrDoritosMD
Entirely cut off from Earth, the United States finds itself in a scientific impossibility: the entire country, including the continental landmass and separated states an...
Survivor of krypton summoned to another world  by user444890
Survivor of krypton summoned to user444890
During the destruction of Krypton a kryptonian soldier by the name of Rynn is unexpectedly transported to a world of fantasy named Uros where he will meet many races and...
The Motherland In Another World | Summoning Soviet Union [UNDERGOING REWRITE] by ComradeMax45
The Motherland In Another World | ComradeMax45
What if it wasn't Japan that teleported to another world, but rather a certain superpower country on Earth. This country was once America's Cold War rival and collapsed...
Galactic Empire in New World by Robotechmania
Galactic Empire in New Worldby Robotechmania
What will happen if the Galactic Empire suddenly appears in the New World? There is a technological gap that no one in the new world can bridge. Magic vs. the Force. Arr...
The Nexus of Realms by WanDie496
The Nexus of Realmsby Wan Die
After achieving space travel and conquering the speed of light, the Terrans, formerly known as United Earth, finally accomplished the colonization of planets beyond its...
The Two Americas, Godly Magic and Impossible Tech in Another Wo(Discontinued) by AnonymousAuthorNC2
The Two Americas, Godly Magic AnonymousAuthorNC2
Two Americas, one full of advance technology, another with gods and magic, go into an unknown world where they are superior in there way, will they work together, or wil...
Summoning The Terran Federal Republic by Anonymous55550
Summoning The Terran Federal Anonymous Writer
The Eagle faltered as the world around it turned to Nuclear Ash. However, it would fly again. This time it would not go down. The Terran Federal Republic is the most pow...
Summoning in Another World:Osea/Japan by Type-10_MBT_MIT
Summoning in Another World:Osea/ 3Jlou_ Танкист_Type10
The author of the Light and Web novel "Summoning Japan", Minorou finds himself in a difficult situation: his fantasies turned out to be real when, while writin...
Child improbability Drive User X Rwby by IssacClarke7
Child improbability Drive User X Issac Clarke
What happens when a child has a drive so strong he could enslave all of remnant well then lets find out shall we Btw I do not own Rwby or madness combat Rwby is by roost...
Naruto: The Wandering Ninja  by Guardian_Dragon
Naruto: The Wandering Ninja by DEVIL'S PARADISE
Naruto had been banished by the leaf on the orders of the Hokage for bringing Uchiha Sasuke back and had his toad contract cancelled but before anything worse could happ...
Very Wrong Reincarnation: Isekai with Game Nation by Mr_Rinzuri
Very Wrong Reincarnation: Isekai
A college student with the name of Oliver was reincarnated in another world together with the nation he formerly created in a game that he abandoned a long time ago and...
CRIMSON LILY [To Be Published Under PAPERINK] by dandelionsandmadness
CRIMSON LILY [To Be Published evee florian
To Be Published Under PAPERINK. EDITED VERSION. *** Elisse Eveningstar has been living her life to please her family, but all she could receive was their resentment towa...
Osea in our world by nacolitomahawk
Osea in our worldby NacoliTomahawk
A few days prior to the attack of Kingdom of Erusia on the Osean Federation,the entire Osea was gone in an eye-blink,along with the space elevator,without a single trace...
Friends to lovers by Mysterious_Klein
Friends to loversby ✦Jewels✦
The story will be about, how a human summoned the king of hell. I do not own these characters Fanon😊 GAY😲
Greedy Player's Guide To Rule An Empire In A (Not) Game by MiesRoe
Greedy Player's Guide To Rule An MiesRoe
Magic and science were made to fight each other, but what if someone was able to combine both and create extraordinary technologies? Here in 'Civilizica', that is possib...
Muvluv: Through Space and Time  by IsekaiWriterNumber15
Muvluv: Through Space and Time by The Disowned One
Two different worlds, connected by unlikely phenomena. Conflicts and differing view, in this scientifically impossible scenario. Former name, "World's Apart."...
Creepypasta Summoning and more by GamingAnimal24
Creepypasta Summoning and moreby GamingAnimal24
80 PARTS! This is how to summon creepypastas, become one your self, or become a proxy and stuff (accepting requests) currently has 80 parts (71 of them are summonings)
The 20 Heisei Servants by BA55edWriter
The 20 Heisei Servantsby BA55Line
Ritsuka Fujimaru is Chaldea's Provisional Master who has summoned multiple Servants but a malfunction if FATE caused a bright light to shine revealing 20 Servants in fro...
Reborn! by within-the-shadows
Reborn!by Shadow
Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, the last remaining members of Team Seven, as well as the last ones left in their world. They had killed Uchiha Madara and ensured that he was...
Underneath His Cloak  by dldwrt
Underneath His Cloak by Jill
Embarked your journey in the land of dawn as you unravel your fate in between the walls of the Castle Aberleen. See your destiny unfolds just before your eyes with the D...