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Your wishes are my commands [Naofuumi Iwatani x reader] by KarseinDeRuss
Your wishes are my commands [ Assist. Quail
Call me anything whore, vile, witch Cause I don't mind being dirtied with the blood of a bitch ────── {⌘} ────── Why do you fight? I've been asked that question many ti...
Spartan-190, The Metal Hero (Halo X The Rising Of The Shield Hero) by Alexnator_200
Spartan-190, The Metal Hero ( A-Taku297
The year is 2555, The UNSC continues its fight against the insurrection, Spartan-190 is sent alongside several other armed forces, and they successfully manage to comple...
The Paranoid Shield Hero by kencro99
The Paranoid Shield Heroby QuacKen
Naofumi Iwatani was summoned to the world the Kingdom of Melromarc resides, but not the same carefree and kind Naofumi. No, it was a 13-year-old version of him where his...
Young Hero(Discontinued) by marithemaid
Young Hero(Discontinued)by Mari
As the 4 shield hero were summoned only 3 heroes appeared. The mages we're confused but did not think about it. The mages left but one stayed and tried to summon the Shi...
Rising of The Shield Hero: Venom by AnimeEagleScout
Rising of The Shield Hero: Venomby Joeseph Moore
Naofumi is an Otaku who is the only thing keeping a homicidal Parasite "Parasite?!" from killing the earth with a steady diet of Chocolate, phenethylamine pill...
Guns and Shield (The Rising of the Shield Hero Fanfiction) by SmolRobean
Guns and Shield (The Rising of 爆豪勝己💥
Amaya is a cheerful and bubbly girl, living in a world where the 4 cardinal heroes are summoned to save the lives of everyone in the world. She may just be recalled as a...
Hero's Dagger by AnimeFan0930
Hero's Daggerby AnimeFan0930
Y/N was a just a normal guy who loved to play video games and watch anime every now and then. Y/N was good at games that's why he and his friends began a video game comp...
Enkidu's Return by Luna_Uchiha1
Enkidu's Returnby Luna Uchiha
What if Enkidu was transported to Shield Hero's universe after dying. What if Enkidu was summoned as the fifth hero...The Mage Hero.
The Second Sword (The Rising of the Shield Hero male insert)  by Hey_Im_Nat
The Second Sword (The Rising of |\|Atsu|<I
Your name is F/N and you are a survivor of the first wave, Without your family left to protect you You have been neglected, tortured and enslaved by an evil man. After...
Not this shit again! by AnimeEagleScout
Not this shit again!by Joeseph Moore
Naofumi Won! He's going home! But Then! Time Travel/dimensional travel. Naofumi x Raphtalia. Less miserable Naofumi
The Talk by WhiteVoid5
The Talkby WhiteVoid5
If there was any doubt in Erhard's mind about whether Naofumi assaulted Myne or not, it was cleared one faithful day. (Or Naofumi's never had "the talk" and it...
Naofumi The Spider Demon by imlazyhehe
Naofumi The Spider Demonby Imlazyhehe
What if Naofumi Iwatami from The Rising Of The Shield Hero was a Spiderdemon from the anime,Demon Slayer. he will have the same abilities as Rui and The Mother Spider de...
A Hero's Bond by PurpleCatAngel
A Hero's Bondby PurpleCatAngel
A different take on 'The Rising of the Shield Hero' story. Naofumi still gets summoned to Melromarc along with Motoyasu, Ren and Itsuki and he's still the shield hero. H...
A New Chance To Restart  by mangadrawner
A New Chance To Restart by mangadrawner
Naofumi was sent back in time to the moment he was summoned again only knowing that someting had happened and he was now again at the beginning of his story with only hi...
We're WHAT!?!?!?!?! [ motoyasu x naofumi ] by Scarlet_nightingale
We're WHAT!?!?!?!?! [ motoyasu x Scarlet_nightingale
This story takes place before the pope incident and after meeting Melty. The four cardinal hero's, including Naofumi, were summoned to the castle by the king for Malty...
The Rise of the Demonic Shield Hero(Shield hero x oc x harem) by JesseBowley
The Rise of the Demonic Shield JesseBowley
What if someone else was chosen instead of naofumi. What would happen how would that effect the story lets findout together shall we.
Hero of Justice (Fate/Stay Night UBW x Shield Hero) by MikeisMike
Hero of Justice (Fate/Stay Night Mage-O-Karp
A year into the aftermath of the Holy Grail War, Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka were now happily studying together in the Clocktower school for Maguses. This all changes a...
The Rising of the shield hero x MPredator/Yautja reader by _Hellboi1998_
The Rising of the shield hero x Nathan Hail
What happens when a predator is loose in the city of Melromarc and the surrounding areas. Does he only hunt for honor or help the people against the waves of catastrophe...
[OUTDATED] Tales of Gun Caliber (The Rising of the Shield Hero X OC Fanfiction) by blueheartink
[OUTDATED] Tales of Gun Caliber ( azuril
[!! OUTDATED !!] [!!DISCONTINUED!!] The Four Cardinal Heroes are stories about the world's saviors who will protect innocent lives from the creatures born within the Wav...
Woe is Me! A KHR + KHR Xover Fanfic by IJustWantNewUsername
Woe is Me! A KHR + KHR Xover Fanficby Gucci Vicci
A bunch of headcanons, AU, Canon-Divergence, or even plots that popped in my head like rabbits giving births. Can be seen as a bundle of unrelated one-shots. Most of the...