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I'm Kat, 25 years old, from the UK. I write fantasy with anything from magic to demons to futurism. I'm mum to a few dogs, geckos, tortoises, turtles, snakes, and a tegu lizard. I took almost two years off Wattpad due to a combination of depression and university stress and with fantastic support from my doctor and friends, both on- and offline, I'm now much better and writing again.

By day I am a doctor, proud to be working in the best health service in the world. By night I'm a writer, artist, and baker. One of my life's dreams is to be thrown into a pit full of golden retriever puppies. My favourite colour is purple. I'm a big fan of fantasy and adventure novels, but do also have a soft spot for romance occasionally.

The Windcaster was very proud to have made it to the top five list for Young Writers Prize in 2014. Rise of the Vengeful Dragon later won Wattys2014.

**Updating schedules**
- Frog Blog updates Tuesdays
- The Rune Mage updates Mondays and Fridays

If you read my stories, please do leave a comment. I LOVE knowing who my readers are and getting feedback, even if it's just a line about what you were feeling at the time. All criticisms also welcome. Feel free to message me, but say a little more than just 'Hi' would be nice!

Please don't send me reading requests. I like to pick and choose what I read. If I do run competitions, then go for it.

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