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Hogwarts' Three Jinchuurikis: Harry Potter Saga by GoddessOfBlack89
Hogwarts' Three Jinchuurikis: Chieko Urimeshi
Uzumaki Naruto A ball of energy of an excuse boy. Yellow blonde hair and sky blue eyes that he inherited from his father and round face and personality fro...
  • narutoxharrypotter
  • halfbloodprince
  • dumbledore
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The Rise of The Unknown (Naruto Fanfic) by HysteriaDominion
The Rise of The Unknown (Naruto HysteriaDominion
Naruto kept hidden from the world by his parents. He is the Jinchuriki of the nine tailed fox, the Kyuubi No Kitsune, Kurama. The council, the village, not even his own...
  • bijuu
  • immortal
  • juubi
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Sakura TimeTravel  by MysteriousDoctor1
Sakura TimeTravel by MysteriousDoctor1
Madara/kaguya's won the 4th ninja war. Naruto sacrifices himself and sends sakura back to past.
  • sasuke
  • narutotimetravel
  • madara
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Naruto of The Nine by StabbyBushCat
Naruto of The Nineby E Rank Luck Player
RWBY x Naruto Crossover Naruto sacrifices himself to save Sasuke from Kaguya and died After sealing her. Kami and Shinigami has plans for him and decides to give him ano...
  • crossover
  • tailedbeast
  • fanfiction
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Return of the Whirlpool Prince by TonaTonakai
Return of the Whirlpool Princeby Tonna
Why? Why does bad things always happen to him? What did he do to deserve this? He did what they want, he gave those ungrateful scumbags what they always wanted, and then...
  • otheranimecharacters
  • uzushiogakure
  • banished
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Team 7 The Jinchurikis by VarenStreax
Team 7 The Jinchurikisby Varenseith
In this fanfict there is a twist. On the kyuubi attack, nibi and gobi was controlled too, making Naruto the kyuubi jinchuriki Sasuke the gobi jinchuriki Sakura the nibi...
  • sakura
  • jinchuriki
  • sasuke
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Know Pain.  by MeepMeep7913
Know Pain. by Meeper
Naruto had been through a lot. Being burnt alive, stabbed, tortured, mocked, spat on and so much more does that to you. Being alone with no friends does that to you. It...
  • kyuubi
  • nagato
  • juubi
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aun hay una oportunidad de ser feliz by MarcoFernandez457
aun hay una oportunidad de ser Marco Fernandez
luego de pasar una vida dura al joven uzumaki creyo a ver encontrado la luz en tan terrible oscuridad de vida despues de ser ignorado, odiado, maltratado(en ocaciones) h...
  • bijuu
  • harem
  • naruto
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Mother of Demons ~Naruto Fan-Fiction~ by Maia_Reina
Mother of Demons ~Naruto Arashi
Okami Akuma is a Goddess. The Goddess of Blood and Shadows. All she wants is a normal life, but can she make that happen? Will the other remaining Gods oppose her? ~I...
  • orochimaru
  • hokage
  • fiction
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Where the beauty resides by maelstrom109
Where the beauty residesby Seraphim Valefor
Hiruzen realize that not only Minato's enemies can cause danger but there are more dangerous people inside the village. for the sake of Kushina and Minato's last breath...
  • bloodlines
  • yaoi
  • akatsuki
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You are my only dream (Naruto x Reader) by Hinaruu
You are my only dream (Naruto x Hinaruu
Gdy młoda dziewczyna o fioletowych włosach traci pamięć i zamieszkuje w Wiosce Liścia, znajduje tam swoje miejsce na ziemi i wszystko wskazuje na to, że uśmiech nie znik...
  • narutouzumaki
  • xreader
  • animeworld
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The Deadly Beauty by whiterose211
The Deadly Beautyby whiterose211
Allie is a girl focused on only one thing...revenge. But what will happen when she meets up with her first love? Which one will she or revenge?
  • girl
  • power
  • big
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Half Demon meets Nine Tailed Fox(Inuyasha/Naruto fanfic) by Gwaedhil
Half Demon meets Nine Tailed Fox( Gwaedhil
Aris Uzumaki was walking to Konoha with Gaara, his siblings, and.....Kurama's daughter Haru no Kitsune. Suddenly the find Inuyasha on the way badly wounded. They nurse h...
  • shinobi
  • naraku
  • bijuu
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Naruto Uzumaki: The Reincarnation of Power (X-Over of my Fanfics) by OPMPower
Naruto Uzumaki: The The Almighty
Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki. What happens when Naruto is sent to the past with powers unheard of? He has all dojoutsu, all Bijuus, and all elemental affinities, including th...
  • isobu
  • fanfiction
  • sages
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NO tails, No Speach (reader x various! Naruto) by kimchikat
NO tails, No Speach (reader x Kimchikat
(Y/n) had always had a love for the Naruto series. She saw everything from the anime filler to the fanfics. Memorised all the random trivia that came with the series, yo...
  • sasuke
  • harem
  • naruto
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Another Tailed Beast Holder by Suicune69
Another Tailed Beast Holderby BloodyDarkMoon
Y/n is an otaku. She loves the show Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. She is also a orphan and is bullied because of the way she looks. One night she wished that she can leav...
  • narutofanfic
  • narutolovestory
  • bijuu
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YouTube War by Endergirl151ENGLISH
YouTube Warby Endergirl 151 English account
TRANSLATION OF MY ORIGINAL BOOK! If there are some errors, let me know! Almost everyone knows that some YouTubers have dark, "demonic" versions of themselves...
  • kubzscouts
  • markiplier
  • youtube
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《 Chasing Tails 》 by _izoy_
《 Chasing Tails 》by Isabelle
Being the new kid is tough, but it's even harder when two of your classmates are total nut-jobs who want you to become a part-time ninja. 【 Your child has been selected...
  • sasuke
  • strong
  • naruto
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Daughter of Chaos by End-of-world
Daughter of Chaosby End-of-world
AU to Princess of Kaiju Naruko after the battle with Sasuke in the end valley is transported to the dimension of where her mother came from, now how it will affect the f...
  • bijuu
  • femnaruto
  • percyjacksonandtheolympians
Siostra Czwartego Hokage [Naruto FanFic] by KaedeNikoryu
Siostra Czwartego Hokage [Naruto Kaede Nikoryu
Lisette Namikaze jest młodszą siostrą Minato, urodzoną dwa lata później. Przez dwa lata, po śmierci Minato i Kushiny, opiekowała się ona ich nowo narodzonym synkiem, lec...
  • hokage
  • strongnaruto
  • ốc
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